"Best if used by" dates

Of course, we can all understand the need for these on edible and perishable food products. . . but, absorbent, clumping clay cat litter ???

I bought some and noticed it said “best if used by 2019” Really ? Five years from now, the clay will somehow be less absorbent than it is now ?? why and how would that happen ? and if it’s not really true - then why the “use by” BS ?

Are we going to see stamped on the package of sheet metal screws - “Use by 2520” ??

I don’t get it !

Would it be possible that the clay could absorb moisture in the air and be a solid clump in 2019?

Perhaps they are factoring in the life expectancy of your cat.

Then you would have to multiply by 9.

Ha ha ! - very good, Catfish !! They only want their product used for one cat at a time !! LOL !
Ruby - that could be part of their thinking but the container I buy is a large plastic jug with a very tight screw-on cap, probably for just that reason of avoiding moisture.