Best insoles for hiking boots

The ones which come with the boots are usually not the best. What is your experience?

Find the best Superfeet insole for your type of feet. They are great.

I’ll second Superfeet – very popular with hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

There’s no single answer to this. Everyone’s feet are different. Some people swear by Superfeet, personally I find all of them put uncomfortable pressure on my arches, I much prefer a minimal insole. You should just try different possibilities and find what works for your feet. Bear in mind that different insoles fill up quite different volumes of your boots, so if you find that you prefer a more substantial insole you may want to go up half a size in boot.

The ones from Sole have worked very well for me - I use them daily with all of my shoes. They have a number of different thicknesses for different types of shoes. They were a lot more durable though before they started using cork, so I make a point of removing them whenever I take off the shoes, so they can dry out.

Dickerman’s comment reminded me of something - for hiking purposes, test any insole with water. I use the La Sportive Ultra Raptor trail running shoe for most of my hiking. They used to come with excellent insoles, but a couple of years ago they switched to a thicker insole which feels nicely cushioned, but bizarrely it’s made from foam that’s not closed-cell. So it’s basically a sponge that soaks up water. I need to ride a stern letter to them.

I use Superfeet and Power Step at various times.

This doesn’t directly answer your question, but I once developed plantar Fasciitis from a job that required a lot of standing and walking. After I bought a pair of powerstep insoles, the issue went away. I’ve used powerstep and powerstep pinnacles ever since.