Best mailing you've received?

I’m in Pennsylvania, so our mailbox is full of political stuff every day. Pictures of Biden/Harris photo-shopped to look like zombies. Pictures of Mitch McConnell not photo-shopped to look like a zombie. A list of all the horrible things Harris will do if elected (and they all sounded good to me).

Anyway, finally got one that made me laugh:

Not a mailing, but I saw a cool yard sign

It was the standard Biden Harris sign, but instead of

Biden Harris

it said

Biden Harris

My one critique of the mailing I received, I’d change the second “tired” to “sick”.

Honorable mention goes to the letter that came with our check some months back, with DJT’s giant signature.

It was scratchy.

I’m in a solid blue area of a solid blue state, so I never get mailers for partisan offices. I have gotten a ton for local nonpartisan offices like for mayor or school board. Interestingly they all say they are endorsed by the Democratic Party.

The Republican slate for Butler County Ohio. We are stockpiling toilet paper for another possible shutdown, and the timing was impeccable.

I saw one that said BYE Don.