Best marijuana strains and means of ingestion for those prone to weed anxiety

I assume we can post this here since weed is legal for recreational use in 17 states at this point.

For those of us who get anxiety from smoking street weed (which I don’t know anything about the strain, I just assume its high THC), what strains or means of ingestion are best for people who would like to try marijuana w/o the anxiety? Plus with edibles, dosage is easier to measure. With smoking I really can’t titrate doses to experiment.

I’ve heard strains like strawberry cough or granddaddy purple are good, and I’ve read that oral ingestion is best since the liver converts the THC into a form that has a more somatic relaxing experience.

But at the end of the day, does it just come down to THC vs CBD? I’ve tried CBD oil and it didn’t give me relaxation, it just gave me depression. It sucks. THC gives me a nice high but it gives me anxiety. CBD doesn’t seem to lower my anxiety (which normally isn’t bad) but it makes me depressed. But the depression wears off when the CBD does.

I thought there were lots of other compounds in marijuana that could have an effect, we just haven’t identified them yet?

What if you want the head high of weed w/o the anxiety? Like if you want both couch lock and the head high (rather than just couch lock)?

Does anyone have knowledge or personal experience?

That’s the opposite of my experience. It takes quite a while for edibles to take effect, while smoking hits quick (and passes fairly soon too), making it easier to get just the right amount of high.

edibles take a while to hit, but you know exactly how many mg you are getting. With smoking you can have trouble telling how much you’ve ingested.

I won’t comment on CBD.

For THC, edibles are indeed an excellent way to know precisely how much you ingest. Many say the effects are deeper felt and last longer.

Terpenes are the component that will affect how you experience the high. For couchlock headfuzz my recommendation would be to look for myrcene and limonene.

I think the environment in which you partake plays a bigger factor than the strain.

Anecdotally, I can’t be high in public or around strangers. I pretty much only do it when I’m at home alone. Well, my son’s don’t bother me but that’s about it.

I would like more for external triggers rather than the strain if I were you.

I concur.

Another suggestion is to try micro-dosing. Use a one hitter to take (wait for it) one hit. Wait. Do things. Drink water. Experience, really experience, the tiny dose of THC.

Kosher Tangie has been my favorite of late.

Here is some good information on edibles:

IMO, you may want to avoid Sativa strains if anxiety is an issue. Indica strains well tend to make you tired and couch locked.

But you don’t have to smoke an entire blunt and then decide if you want another one.
Take one or two puffs and within 5 minutes or so you’ll have a good idea as to how high you’re going to get. The buzz may still increase a bit over the next 10 minutes or so, but you’ll get good at saying ‘this should be perfect’ or ‘I want a few more puffs’. And, in a half hour, you want to bump the buzz back up, take another few puffs.
With edibles, you know the exact amount of THC (assuming the label is correct) but if you have to wait 3 or 4 hours for the buzz to kick in, there’s not a whole lot you can do at that point. You can’t increase the buzz even if you want to.

Compare it to drinking. smoking weed is like taking shots. You take a shot and you can give it 5 or 10 minutes and decide if you want another one. If each shot required 4 hours to take effect, it would be a lot harder to gauge.

Also, if you’re smoking, get up and walk around. IME, it’s easy to overdo it if you’re just sitting there in a dark room watching TV or screwing around on the computer. But if you get up to grab some food or go to the bathroom or something and you realize you appear to be floating through the house, it might be time to put the pipe down. In that case (WRT anxiety) you can go back to the a dark room with the TV and ride it out, but if you can take a few puffs, give it a few minutes then get up and stretch your legs, you’ll be better able to find just the right amount of buzz for you.

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Same here. It is very much not a social drug for me. Which is a bummer, because I can remember the times when it made me laugh my ass off and I can’t seem to find anything that does that.

I live in a state that has only legal meds, so the only times I’ve had it is when someone has shared theirs, and obviously they get whatever suits them. Next month I’m going to NV where it’s fully legal and I imagine my peeps will take me to a shop. Can I walk in and ask for “the giggly shit”? Does that exist, and if so, what is it actually called?

I’ve heard the way to remember this is that indica puts you “indicouch.”

I’ve had many friends ask me to share some of my legal medicinal. I tell them I’ll help them get their card, then they frown and tell me they’re healthy. Bullshit, I say!

There are doctors working 9-5 M-F doing medical marijuana certification in Pennsylvania. My doctor chatted with me for thirty minutes, the most time any doctor ever spent talking to me. She diagnosed me with PTSD, because ain’t no way to live 60 years without trauma.

You can indeed walk in and ask for “the giggly shit”; the budtenders will start making suggestions.

You’ll find that there are dozens of strains available from quite a few different brands at any dispensary. There are dozens and dozens of brands available across the valley, you just have to find which shop stocks which brand sometimes if you want something specific.

For example, you can find Jack Herer strains everywhere but if you want, say, Tegridy Farms Jack Herer, you have to shop around.

I like one aspect of the cannabis buzz-- it really boosts my imagination, makes music sound better, makes colors seem a little brighter, makes food taste better. I think of it as kind of like MSG for the brain.

But my anxiety level tends to run high in general, and on THC it really amps up. For that reason I don’t indulge too often, and when I do I tend to need to have a couple drinks first just to take the edge off, to really enjoy the effect. Which is a shame-- I’d like to go the Willie Nelson / Snoop Dogg route: quit alcohol altogether, and make THC my intoxicant of choice.

I’ve heard various things about reducing “weed anxiety”: finding the right strain that works for you, or that THC should be taken with a CBD source because they work together and CBD alleviates the anxiety. I’ve also heard that Sativa is a more “cerebral, energetic” high and Indica is a more “relaxing, body buzz, couch potato high”. But in my experience the only thing that matters is-- how high the THC content is in whatever you’re ingesting is how high you’ll be. So I don’t think there’s any magic strain that will give you the effect you want without the anxiety. I envy people who do get a relaxing effect from cannabis alone. And I’ve tried CBD alone to try to just get the relaxing effect without the buzz, but the only effect I’ve noticed is I feel much lighter…

…in the wallet!

Cool, thanks! There won’t be an opportunity to shop around, as I’m going to a small town and the dispensary is in Carson City. When you mention budtenders (love that!) does that mean you can only get specific effects from smokable? Could I ask for, example, giggly gummies? I sure don’t want to end up with these.

I sent this question up to the modloop and discussions of this sort are allowed now as weed is legal in much of the US.

Two things to remember:

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In my experience, strain, terpenes, even THC content are not really the determining factor in how much anxiety or energy or giggliness I feel. Even the sativa/indica divide is not really too reliable, since everything is basically a hybrid these days.

Set and Setting, as we used to say, really makes a huge difference–your internal emotional state and mindset, combined with your physical environment, including who is around you. This is one reason I don’t like edibles too much–set and setting when I eat the gummies is often totally different from how things are going to be an hour or more later. I have a very chaotic digestive system in general, so sometimes I can feel the effects after about 20 minutes. Other times it’s as much as four hours. This has led to some unpleasant moments–particularly on an airplane, or when trying to sleep. So I strongly prefer smoking when (as has been said) I can know how high I’m going to be and where I’m going to be mentally and physically.

In terms of set and setting, time of day is really important. I find that bedtime is often a really bad time to use cannabis. That anxious feeling can be very strong at times when I “should be” trying to sleep, and in a quiet room, or even with a tv on, getting sucked into a paranoid, unpleasant, obsessive, guilty feeling is a danger. Being fed and hydrated is also important. Sometimes early in the afternoon, after a nice lunch, with a ballgame on the TV, is just a wonderful cannabis experience. Or joking around with my wife. Or doing water changes in the fish tanks.

And there are definitely people for whom the anxiety just makes it no fun and they have to just avoid cannabis. There is a great deal of individual variation!

Budtender is just the cutesy name for the person helping you buy marijuana products.

Because “street dealer” sounds so gauche. :stuck_out_tongue:

Far as I know the term “budtender” originated in the California dispensary system and was canonized by Oaksterdam University, who offer programs in budtending to assist people getting jobs in the cannabis industry. Knowing what the synergy of the THC percentages along with the various CBD types and terpenes do is a big part of working front lines in the cannabis biz. It’s a pretty apt name, too, because proper care of cured bud is another big part of working in a dispensary. Improper handling can make your product unsellable and nobody wants that.

this right here: anyone having anxiety is likely getting too high a dose, which is easy to do. tons of very good information on dose including micro dosing on