Best Memes of 2011: Scumbag Steve and/or Advice Animals?

Because I have tons of free time (ahem not really), I’m meme-happy today. So far, this is the most comprehensive list of the best memes of 2011 I’ve found (to date, I’m still looking - see: free time). I think I agree w/Scumbag Steve being the best…but Horrifying Houseguest was another huge fave.

Please make the whole Rebecca Black thing go away. And Nyan Cat. And why is My Little Pony considered an official meme? It’s really not, is it? Anyway. Enjoy. Back to reading.

I like all the “bait and switch” memes, including the “Successful Black Man” meme not mentioned in your link. (Example: “I’m gonna shoot you … an email with the latest sales data.”)

I’m clearly getting unhip, however, as I wasn’t familiar with many of those listed. I should probably internet more.

Because it’s at least 20% cooler than other memes.

I don’t mean to brag, but I spend approximately 27 hours a day on the internet and consider myself a connoisseur of memes. That having been said, I haven’t even seen about a third of these, and they left out a couple dozen of the best ones!

First of all NO TROLOLOLO?!

Then, they mention Futurama memes but completely ignore the squinting Fry “can’t tell if…or” (Most popular: “Can’t tell if ‘Superfreak’ or ‘Can’t Touch This’” and “Can’t tell if Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel”)

Not only did they miss “Successful Black Man” (my previous favorite) but they completely missed my NEW favorite: “Conspiracy Keanu” (not to be confused with “Sad Keanu”)

“Leo Strut” (AKA “Leonardo DiHapprio”) was technically last year so I’ll give them a pass on that one. I think “Pepperspray Cop” has usurped the vibe of this one.

And because I find this listing woefully short of Bieber, I’ll include one with great potential that never took off: the “Justin, but” meme. Essentially, when receiving his VMA on the MTV awards he said something along the lines of “I’d like to thank not only God, but Jesus.” Seconds after Tumblr was a flood with “I’d like to thank not only my brother and sister, but my siblings”, “I’d like to thank not only my mother and father, but also my parents”, “I’d like to thank not only my dog and cat, but my pets”, “I’d like to thank not only my knife and fork, but my utensils” etc etc.

AND - though I’ve already linked to this in a couple other posts, I feel the need to hook up anyone who hasn’t seen it yet: “le Internet Medley”

Also, should this be in Cafe Society because it is about ART? lol

That is sooooo 2010.

And because I’ll probably never get a chance to link this again, here’s Kids React To Le Internet Medley. The series cover a lot of YouTube memes, and this is their 40th episode.

Aw, last to the party again.

When did rage comics become such a big thing? Was that before this year?

I used to keep up with current memes, then I took an arrow to the knee.