Best movie not nominated for Best Picture

From the 2/13 IMDb Daily Poll:

“Of the following films that were NOT nominated, which do you think most richly deserved to be in consideration for Best Picture?”

Road to Perdition is in the lead as I post, followed by Adaptation and Minority Report.

Of the ones I saw (Road to Perdition, Adaptation, Far From Heaven, About Schmidt, Punch-Drunk Love, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Catch Me If You Can, Spider-Man, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones) the only one I felt disappointed about was Adaptation. I really enjoyed others as much or more, but they just weren’t the kind of thing I would expect Oscar to wink at. Adaptation really did to me, and I was bummed.

That is to say,

Isn’t Adaptation a 2003 movie?

Nic Cage was nominated as Best Actor from Adaptation, so it must be counted among the 2002 flicks.

I know I’m likely a minority in this, but the best movie I saw last year was About a Boy, and I thought Hugh Grant did one of the most superbly comic acting jobs I’ve ever seen. Both, IMHO, deserved a nomination.

According to IMDb, it was released December 6, 2002.

I’d say from that list…Spirited Away

Ever? 2001: A Space Odyssey

Other, Igby Goes Down

About Schmidt.

About Schmidt and Spirited Away (though I suppose the Animation nomination could be considered an adequate substitute for the latter)

I enjoyed the movie, but don’t think I’d give it a best picture nomination.

I’d agree with a nomination for Hugh Grant, though. Probably his best performance.

This year, Spirited Away - the Animation category ghetto is not a substitute for cinematic recognition, although it beats dumpster diving in the Best Song category.

Last year, Jin-Roh. Not because it’s anime, but because it’s a great movie.

I’m sure not many would agree with me, but I think Minority Report deserved a nomination, and I was a little surprised that My Big Fat Greek Wedding was overlooked. I thought that one was in the same category as films like Four Weddings and a Funeral or Field of Dreams.

What, no Spiderman?

Seriously, About Schmidt and Adaptation, with Talk To Her as a VERY long-shot. All excellent movies.

About a Boy or Spirited Away.

All time Touch of Evil or Paths of Glory which both received no nominations.