Best mulch for weed control

I’m laying 20 yards of mulch and have to order 10 more yards. For the last few years I have gotten something called nutri-mulch which appears to be chipped building material, or perhaps logs, treated with sterilized sewage. I know, but the lady was really convincing. However, I have still had quite a few weeds. I was wondering what the best mulch for weed control is. Are they all about the same? Is shredded pine bark better? Anyway, what does everyone think. BTW, I have put down a rolled barrier in the past, but it doesn’t seem worth the effort to me.

I used rubber mulch. I put down weed fabric first with landscaping staples and I’ve seen nary a weed in two years. The mulch is expensive, but well worth it.

As it was explained to me: the problem with traditional mulch is that it rots. The decomposition produces heat, which attracts birds, snakes, insects, etc. All of these critters bring seeds and stuff with them, which adds to your weed numbers and growth.

Mulch helps control weeds, but it sure doesn’t take care of them entirely. A neat trick I like to use every spring is to put down a layer of newspaper (whole sheets) beneath the mulch. The newspaper decomposes over the course of the season, but slowly enough that it blocks weeds for months. It’s a heck of a lot easier to deal than that black plastic sheeting some people use, and it allows you to turn and refresh your mulch the next spring.

Newspaper mulch is good, and remember that one’s year’s weed seeds equals seven years of weeds, so if you are diligent about weeding, it’s more than half the battle!

I’m partial to hardwood mulch, because termites find it more unpalatable than cypress. Use any type that the little bastards won’t eat.

No direct experience, but I’d think the termites would be all over newspaper mulch like ugly on a gorilla.

Did I mention that I once had a termite problem? Finally solved that by selling the house…