Best Names in Public Radio

I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement to have a cool-sounding name if you want to get a job as a reporter for NPR, PRI, or APM. It was pretty tough to make a list of my ten favorite, but I did anyway:

  1. Mara Liasson
  2. Barbara Bradley Hagerty
  3. Andrei Codrescu
  4. Yuki Nogichi
  5. Renee Montagne
  6. David Folkenflik
  7. Kai Ryssdal
  8. Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
  9. Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

And the winner and still champion for the eighth year in a row:

  1. Lakshmi Singh

Tsk! How could you neglect Ofeibea Quist-Arcton from “Dakarrr!”

Recently discussed in this thread over in Cafe Society.

You missed a few :wink:

I like Sylvia Poggioli, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, and, per SDMB’er **Crotalus **in the other thread, “Doualy Xaykaothao, pronounced dwa lee sy ky tao”

Flora Licthman

Good list. I couldn’t even come close to spelling Ofeibea Quist-Arcton and Doualy Xaykaothao correctly.

Sylvia’s appeal is entirely in how she says it. From any other throat, it would be dull and lifeless.

True. Kinda like dealing with the name Ralph Fiennes, if it wasn’t all “Rafe” and stuff…:wink:

Interesting tidbit: There is a new newsreader on NPR who’s name is **Windsor **Johnston. Between the WASPy name and her vocal tone and reading style, it was not hard to think “wow, she sounds youngish - is she some sort of Fox news hottie that NPR has brought in?”

I looked her up - she is very attractive - see photoaccompanying article announcing her move to NPR, but a brunette, not a blonde. She looks about 19 in that photo, but apparently she is in her early 30’s…but the big news is that she is engaged (or perhaps married by now) to NPR’s longtime Morning Edition host, Bob Edwards. I enjoyed him and felt bad when NPR asked him to move on. But the dude is like 64 - go Bob!

Lakshmi Singh is tops, followed by Yuki Noguchi.

Cloudy O’Sanchez.


His head is like the size of her whole body! :eek:

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Similarly illustrative

Blurgh. That is disgusting. Hey, old man, leave that girl alone!

I’ll be damned, so that’s how you spell Doualy’s name - never would have guessed it correctly!

I was just listening to The World, and I like the flow of Marco Werman’s name. (Still, Lakshmi is who I thought of immediately when opening the thread.)

Curiously, I’m pretty certain Lakshmi is a fairly common Indian feminine name, and Singh is damn near the Indian “Smith.” But we love Lakshmi Singh all the same.

Her name is Yuki? I always hear it as “Yukino Gucci.” I have that same problem with Jo-Ansil Burner.

Neda Ullaby sounds like homeopathic remedy.

Don’t you mear Mark O’Worman? :wink:

(and, btw, over in the thread Wordman linked to, I think I’m the only one who voted for Lakshmi)

Every time I hear Lourdes Garcia-Navarro or Yuki Noguchi on the radio, I end up saying their names over and over in my head for the rest of the day.

Some of those names are dead common in their native languages. Yuki Noguchi is about as exciting as Jane Smith.

And as I mentioned in the other thread, “Doualy Xaykaothao, pronounced dwa lee sy ky tao” is not correct; it’s pronounced. “dwa ha lee sai kow tow”.

The ones I like to hear pronounced the most are the multi-syllabic ones that either sound cross-cultural, like Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, or aristocratic, like Barbara Bradley Hagerty.

Winner. Best laugh that I have had today.

I had him figured as Marko Wurman.