Best online free tax filing that's NOT H&R BLock?

I am infuriated; in order to file taxes for free using H&R Block via the IRS Website, you have to take your return on a Prepaid Visa “Gift Card.” This is absurd! I’ve done my taxes through them for years and always selected direct deposit, but now they’re trying to strongarm people into taking these bullshit cards.

So who else is good for online free tax filing? I just want to file my info, get my return via direct deposit, and have a PDF of my info.

I’m vert fond of TaxAct online, associated with J.K. Lasser. I e-file my federal and state returns for about $16; you can e-file the federal for free.

I filed a few weeks ago, using Block’s software, and I got a check in the mail. (I know, direct deposit’s faster, but there’s a visceral pleasure at recieving a check in the mail). Is this a state-related thing?

If you qualify financially, (I think your income has to be under 50k) I would suggest TurboTax Freefile. go to and follow the links to free filing options. It has all the features of the TurboTax Basic package – covers everything “typical” or “common” on a non-EZ return.

Be warned though that you MUST access the service through these links (including if you save your work and return to complete it another time.) Otherwise it will say you’re not eligible. You can get it fixed (in the sense of a monetary refund) but it is a big hassle.

I just filed today with H&R block and I was able to select direct deposit. Have you tried using them through

Yes, but did you pay for the service, or were you doing free file via the IRS’ website?

I used H&R Block’s free service through the IRS website and got my direct deposit refund about a week ago.

I should probably add that I went the free-file route as well. If it wasn’t free, I’d have just mailed it in.

Probably a good idea to skimp H&R Block - they managed to screw up their own taxes. :smiley: :smiley:

I’m trying Aarp for free this year. I used to like getting that check, until the post office fucked up and sent it back, at which time they had to turn the clock back to zero, costing me a few weeks waiting for the replacement check.

I used Tax Act, through the IRS web site; it was free (although they did try to get you to do your state taxes through them, which they naturally would charge you for) and my refund was directed deposited in 10 days. I was very pleased; I didn’t have to worry about the state taxes because my state offers free e-fie online via the Comptroller’s website and that refund was directed deposited in -2- days!

I am looking for a service. I used complete tax last year a prodicut of CCH which I though was a professional company. This year, they want $30 to transfer my 09 information into my 10 return. I feel they implied I could come back this year and not have to key in all my data. They lied. I will not be using them.

I’ve been using Turbo Tax for the last 5 years or so, and I’ve been very happy with them.

I just did the same return with TaxAct and H&R Block. Block’s website was way more elegantly designed, and very surprisingly they did not bug me with offers. TaxAct bugs you to pay for an extra service every three pages, it is ridiculous. They charge you $10 or something to even import info from the previous year, even your goddamn name. Haven’t used TurboTax, although I try to stay away from anything involved with Intuit.

TaxACT’s results did give $1 extra than Block. It is because TaxACT adds the W2s then rounds, while H&R Block rounds each W2 then adds them. I have a feeling that the latter method is the “right” way to do it, or at least how I was taught.

ETA: Looks like TaxACT’s rounding method is actually the right way, according to Pub 17.

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