Best online sources for Manga

Years ago I bought a few manga comics (kind of generic thing) that were serialising Akira and Appleseed but as they were expensive and I was cheap my coverage of the storyline is spotty at best. As I’m now the proud owner of a credit card for the first time and wish to read the entire stories I have a couple of questions:

  1. Where’s the best place online to pick up these manga. Amazon has a very poor selection.

  2. Whats the best format to pick them up in, for example Akira seems to have six different issues and Appleseed…just confused me.

  3. Anyone have any other recommendations for similar manga stories? Area-88 looks quite interesting.

I’m in the UK if that makes any difference.

btw I mentioned to someone that I enjoyed the Macross Plus anime and someone said that Macross Zero would blow me away but I can’t find it on amazon at all.


TokyoPop has a large selection.

Ugh, just took a look at the Amazon listings for Appleseed. It was more confusing that I’d imagined. I’d suggest poking around fan-sites to figure out what you’re looking for (and possibly where to find it) regarding that franchise. It’s been animated twice, and both versions seem to have their own literature–the newer one does at any rate. I suspect there’s more than one storyline to the manga too, adding to the confusion.

As far as recommendations, both that and Akira were written by Masamune Shirow, so I’d suggest looking for more by him. Ghost in the Shell is his best-known work (thankfully only two volumes in graphic novel form, though each more expensive than average), but he’s done other stuff as well. I’d also suggest checking out the Blood stuff.

TokyoPop does have a lot of manga. Shonen Jump publishes graphic novels as well–they tend towards the shojo and shonen styles, respectively. Although I don’t know which style Shirow’s work falls into. Dark Horse might also be a good place to look, they’ve translated some manga (including at least part of Appleseed, it seems.)

I don’t know where you can buy manga online, but Akira is written by Otomo Katsuhiro, not Shirow and the reason there appear to be six different versions is it’s very long and spans six volumes. That is also pretty much your only choice if you want to buy them, since it’s the only widely available version these days. You can’t get them all in one single volume if that’s what you’re wondering; the book would be as thick as it is wide.

I should know better than to pretend I know what I’m talking about by now :smack: Thanks for correcting me.

BTW, I forgot to ask earlier, which version of Amazon are you looking at? If you’re checking the UK version, try the US one instead. It might have a better selection, and books and DVDs are two of the things they ship internationally.

I do that all the time too. Let’s commiserate.

A metasearcher like Froogle or Pricegrabber might help too.