Best optical illusion EVER!

When you click on this link, you’ll see an image of a castle in greyscale. Click on the picture, it will change, and you’ll see a small black dot. Stare at this dot for about 20 seconds, then while keeping your eyes on the dot, click the picture again.

What do you see?

Awesome, huh?

This had better not be one of those things where a scary ghost face pops up after a while.

(because those things often make me shit myself.)

I don’t know if it’s the best optical illusion EVER!, but it’s somewhat neat.

It is pretty good. How would you make your own? Grab a picture, throw it into negative and insert dots in the middle of it and of a greyscale version?

(Am going to try this right now).

I didn’t see any colours afterwards. :dubious:

Those pop-up things are not allowed here, SRM. I would never post such a thing!

Besides, the MPSIMS mods would be very unhappy if they came in and found shit in their forum…

My proposed method doesn’t work. :smack:

I think its neat that if you look away from the dot, the illusion is destroyed. Back to greyscale. But look back to the dot (don’t wait too long) and BAM the color is back. Neat!

Wow, that was surprising. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was a different photo until I looked away from the dot and realized it was the greyscale one. Cool!

You have to make sure that your cursor is already over the picture while you’re staring at the dot, so you’ll be able to click without looking away.

The color only lasts for a very very quick moment.

Very neat. I’ve often seen complementary colours being used in optical illusions, but that has to be the best one yet.

That’s kinda neat.

It lasted about 30 seconds for me. As Shai’tan said, I could look away from the dot, and then back at it and watch the color leave and return.

I saw that one a few weeks back. It was neat for the first few seconds, but once I realized it was just using complimentary colours (which become inversed as an after-image once you turn your eyes away and refocus on the picture) it sort of lost its magic. The “misdirection” in this magic trick is that the castle doesn’t change; it only looks like it’s in “colour” (despite being gray stone in the first place) because the surrounding scenery is.

Still, it was neat at the start.

None of it actually changes.
All of it appears to change, for the same reason throughout.

The castle appears to change from grey to a pale buff sandstone colour.

The appearance of color was very fleeting for me, but cool nonetheless.

Cool illusion, though I wish the colors lasted a touch longer.

Well, that’s what I meant – just the appearance of the change from the afterimage melding with the actual colours to appear to transform the image into its proper natural colour. It’s a neat effect and probably the ultimate demonstration of the peculiarities of vision.

The castle though – I can’t really tell if the apparent change is a result of the apparent changes around it giving it the illusion of “real” colour, or if the castle’s complimentary is subtly but importantly differtent enough to give it that “natural” look.

Neat - that’s one of the most elaborate complimentary-color illusions I’ve ever seen.

I think it’s really cool. I am constantly amazed at how our eyes trick us.