Best Place for up to date San Diego wildfire news?

So I woke up this morning to a call from my folks in San Diego who had to evacuate due to the massive fires you’re all probably aware of. There’s talk that some of the flames may have gotten close to the childhood home and, while they’re safe, their house of 25 years might not be. I feel so helpless up here and all I want to do is just be informed about the status and containment of the fire. Thanks.

You can try but their server is apparently swamped, and is timing out.

Ditto for

Otherwise, local news media are featuring fire updates on their home pages.


Sorry there isn’t more. :frowning:

Thanks. The NBC link doesn’t look bad either, in case others are in my boat:

Normally, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection would be the place to start, but the site is down. It’s probably overwhelmed. So is the direct link to fire information at

Local media outlets might be worth a look, but their information may not be up to date.

This blogger has frequent updates, a Google Maps mash-up with fire-related info, and lots of pictures.

I just dropped this link in the MPSIMS thread about the SoCal fires a few minutes ago. For others who are interested, that thread is here, although its neither mundane nor pointless.