Best place to eat at the Toronto Airport?

Not really a need answer fast, but soon

I’m currently wasting time in my home airport because I’m flying to England tonight, but before that, I have a 4hr 45 min layover in Toronto. I’m going to be hungry and I have time to kill and a shiny new corporate card.

So where should I eat for dinner?

I’m perfectly fine with fast food normally, but with the time I have and the fact I don’t have to pay for it, I’d like to have a pretty decent sit down meal somewhere, problem is I’ve never been to the Toronto Airport.

Anyone have any good YYZ recommendations that are tasty, but won’t break the bank?

Last time we were in the Toronto Airport we ate at a really bad restaurant (forget the name) that was closing and really ripped us off. We even wrote a letter to their management but did not hear back. We ate there because we were clearing security and not sure what would be available in the secure area. Turns out there was a great asian type restaurant open later that we would have much rather eaten at in the secure area.

What terminal are flying out of?

I ate at a place called Twist that I enjoyed a lot, but it may not be in the most convenient spot for you, depending on what gate your plane lands at. It’s in Terminal 1, Canada/USA arrivals and departures section.

Check Here:

Looks like you’ve got a lot more choices than most US Airports.

Wellp…thanks for the suggestions, but my flight out of Orlando was cancelled and there wasn’t a way to get me to Canada in time to make that flight, and the reschedule was for tomorrow (which won’t work).

So I appreciate the advice, but it looks like it was all for naught.

Maybe sometime next month…

I don’t remember where I ate when I was at YYZ a couple years ago, but I did get a Red Bull from the shop across the covered bridge from the terminal at the Sheraton, so if you are unsatisfied with the selection of prepackaged snacks and drinks at the terminal you could try them too.

In the international terminal, there’s a snack bar where a West Indian woman makes beanless chili that is to die for. I always have that and a beer.

Can’t be any more specific (the number escapes me at the moment), but the snack bar is next to the gate where you’d normally board the LOT (Polish Airlines) flight to Warsaw.

I’ve eaten at Hearth many times. Good food and beer at pretty decent prices.

Well shit…nevermind my nevermind, guess I’m going after all.

So I still need recommendations, just for tomorrow. Hearth sounds interesting.

There’s no international terminal - both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 serve domestic, trans-border (US), and international sections. T1 serves mostly Air CANADA and other Star Alliance partners with T3 for most others. Since LOT is *A , I assume you mean T1 but for the life of me I can’t think of where you mean in the Hammerhead where most of the long haul flights leave. I’m flying LOT to Estonia, I will have to try and find it!

That must be it, then. Terminal 1 sounds right (I’ve never paid attention, just told the taxi driver I want LOT).

Look for the jolly West Indian woman behind the counter. If she’s on duty, she’s fun to talk to.

If you’re at the gate LOT normally uses and looking outside, the snack bar should be to your left.

Wahlburgers was fun