Best place to get a small website built for a reasonable price?

I’m looking for an all-in-one solution; graphic design, coding, hosting, db if necessary, etc.

Any suggestions?

Do it yourself.
I was turned on to this site by a fellow SDMB member.
It is free.
It is really simple. Really!
Log in as new member and follow directions.

Thanks for the advice, but it’ not for me. I have some basic web building skills, but this site is for an uncle. He just needs someone he can contract for an hourly rate or a flat fee to build the site, and a monthly rate to host it or at least set him up with a decent hosting service.

Depending on the project, I might consider it. I usually charge about $400US for a basic webpage. I don’t mind negotiating the hosting w/ a third party.

My strengths are more on the design side of things. Basic Perl scripts (eg, a storefront,) are not a problem.

Yes, but what if cainxinth’s uncle required someone with talent?