Best place to live in the US

Let’s take everything into account: weather, economy, crime, natural beauty, etc.

Where is the best place to live in the United States?

Newport Beach, CA

Wonderful weather, world-famous beaches, great restaurants, entertainment and live arts, and one hour away from deserts, mountains, whatever you want. And very little crime.

I have no cites, of course, just personal experience.

I would also put in a good word for Boulder, CO and San Diego, CA.

Not California! They have earthquakes, tidal waves, and Arnold is the governor!

Surely we can do better.

Maybe Boulder…

Any other suggestions?

Tidal waves?

Boulder is a place. Boulder , where everything you do is questioned! Should we not kill Bubonic Infested Prairie Dogs, or should we send them to another county to deal with. Do we want the people who clean our houses to have a place to live, or do we make them commute 30 miles to do it. Boulder sucks, it is trying to play the middle of the road.

Boulder may be a little extreme, but Colorado in general probably qualifies. Denver has over 320 days of at least partial sun per year, great sports, an educated workforce, lots to do, and great mountains right nearby. The traffic and the housing costs are both going way up, but surely the housing is still a lot cheaper than Newport Beach.

Asheville, North Carolina would be my second choice.

I’ve lived in Ohio, Kentucky (twice), North Carolina, Indiana, Wyoming, Maryland, Colorado (twice), Michigan, and California, so I’ve experienced a fair sampling anyway.

California. Been there on holiday, it’s cool.

I’ve been to most areas of the US. I find Tampa - St. Pete (FL) to be very livable. I have everything I need within a 20 minute drive. There’s the beaches, all kinds of entertainment, and a great variety of restaurants. There are plenty of colleges and universities in the area, all kinds of sports teams and a lively nightlife scene. The weather here is moderate, maybe a bit warm in the summer and a bit rainy during the hurricane season, but nothing too extreme. The traffic here is moderate, and people are courteous (a big plus). I think I am here to stay. :slight_smile:

Let’s rule out the bad places.

Southern Oregon is bawwwwwwwwwwwwwww-ring there’s nothing to do and the nearest city is over 200 miles away. Not a lot of crime here but not a lot of economy either except for WalMart. Portland has things to do but the weather is dull in the extreme. For natural beauty, we have lots of evergreen forests if that’s your kick.

California is actually a pretty diverse state but the best places to live (IMO) have such high costs of living. In the north there’s redwood forests (beautiful) but otherwise resembles Oregon. In the south there’s deserts and what’s called a Mediterranean climate, but of course the big cities have more than their share of crime, pollution, etc…

Arizona is too darn hot. Good place to spend the winter. Although up in the mountains it’s not so bad but then it’s remote. Monsoons hit the state real REAL hard. If you want to see an intense thunderstorm, go to Phoenix in summer. Just watch out for the bad neighborhoods (lots of 'em) where people are shooting at each other at night. :eek:

New England, and the northeast in general, gets really cold in winter and hot & humid in summer. A bit extreme, but on the positive side there’s fireflies. Plenty of natural beauty in the fall season. I suppose crime and economy depend on the exact area (big city or coastal town, etc).

Those are the places I’ve lived in.

So far we have 2 votes for California, 2 for Colorado, and 1 for Florida.

I think the best place to live for me is home. :slight_smile:

I lived in Boulder, CO for 11 years, and I can tell you I was VERY happy to leave. Nice town in some ways… but if there ain’t anyplace in the whole US that’s better then we’re not doing too well.


Northern California vote here. Except for the Ah-nold thing, we’ve got a not-quite-moribund-economy, great weather, diversity, liberalisim galore and wonderful outdoor activities.

It is the best place for me, anyway.

autz you might need to narrow your question a bit to get helpful answers.

Weather for example. I must have no snow to have a perfect place to live. Others must have four real seasons.

Perfect is in the eye of the beholder…or something…


I’d go with Hawaii.

I’ve only lived in Michigan and Illinois, but I’ve visited Hawaii a few times.

I’d miss the fall, but not the winter. Year round scuba diving would probably lessen the pain of a fall-less life.

Las Vegas.

A 24 hour town.
Still fairly cheap homes to buy (brand new, 3 bedroom 2 bath homes with 2 car garage starting at $160,000.)
Sunny 350 days a year (I love the heat and have a pool, so even the summer is a major plus for me.)
You have every major performers showing up here on every tour.
No state income tax.
45 minute drive to the mountains for skiing in the Winter.
Lake Mead is close for boating year round.
Low unemployment.
Major airport with cheap flights to and from Las Vegas (filling the seats that didn’t come into town).
You don’t have to twist arms to get people to come visit you (if you want visitors).
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

I posted a query about Burlington, Vermont. Everybody pretty much loved the place.

Right On DMark…Vegas Rocks! Any night of the week you can see major or minor performers, stars on their way to the top and stars on their way to the bottom. You can see famous people or beautiful people, or avoid the glamor and glitz and enjoy a nice, quite life. Why would you live anywhere else?

Don’t forget Valley of Fire, Red Rock Recreational Area, Brian Head, Mt. Zion, the Grand Canyon. LA is only 5 hours away by car.

If not for the winters, I’d say Ann Arbor, Michigan, hands down. My favorite places I’ve visited and would like to live in are:

The Bay Area
Seattle, WA
Boulder, CO

If not for the summers, the allergies, and the current job market, I’d say Austin, TX.


Seriously – you couldn’t winkle me out of this town with a big pin.