Best places to people-watch

Venice boardwalk is my favorite as well, but it’s not a fair comparison. Those aren’t real people. They’re highly trained professional freaks.

Kings Island in Cincy

The guys’ locker room at the athletic complex. With my X-Ray glasses on.

Kidding. I like to watch people at the library whenever I’m there (which is fairly often since I do work for my prof there). I also like to go to the campus eating places and watch people’s body language. It’s amazing how much you can glean by body language alone.

I’ll second the 3rd St Promenade; that place really whipes the llama’s ass (much like WinAmp…god I’m a geek :))

Trafalgar Square. Anyone can sit there for hours and see some of the most interesting people…

The Mirage in Vegas. It’s like the crossroads of the universe.

Sloppy Joe’s is OK, but the #1 place to people watch in Key West is the Green Parrot–if for no other reason but the $2.50 draft Newcastle. (Beats the hell out of the $5 Bud Light anywhere on Duval, and it’s only a block away.)

Dr. J