Going to be in LA for one day, what should I see

Ok I’m flying out to LA on 9/11 and back the same day. What should I go see?

I like the tar pits or the Santa Monica Pier, myself.

A few choices:

Olvera Street
Hollywood and Highland
Hollywood Forever Memorial Park
Westwood Village
Old Town Pasadena
Los Angeles Public Library in Downtown
Venice Beach
Rodeo Drive
Java and Bryan’s house
Burbank Media Center
I’ll think of more later…

You could spend the day at the Getty Center designed by Richard Meier. If you want.

LA is the only large city that I know of where it is not necessary to ever go downtown! Avoid it.
(For LA purists, I know there are some nice things tucked away in the muck, but be honest - would you spend your ONE DAY in that rathole part of town?)

I agree with J. Chance - Santa Monica Beach area has the pier, the beach and some nice shops and restaurants.
Venice Beach (by day only) for people watching and lollygagging.

If you get a car and study a map first, you could probably work in a quick tour of Universal City (if you are into theme parkish thingies) or go to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to see how the other half lives (there are actually quite a few reasonably priced restaurants there - look at menus in window before you go in.)

Get tickets to Price Is Right, go there at the crack of dawn and then hang out at Farmer’s Market behind CBS afterwards.

Without more info about yourself, it is hard to say…the Getty Museum is great, but that would be a full day. Drive south and go to Laguna Beach - that is the California everyone expects to see - little beach town and beautiful cliffs and beach area - but that is a schlep from LA (90 minutes at least).
Whatever you decide to do, relax and have fun…to paraphrase a famous description of LA - it is 34 suburbs in search of a city - but it is still an amazing and wonderful place to live and visit!

I’m one of those LA Purists, so just go ahead and insert standard disagreements here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ideas. I’m looking foward to this mini-trip and hope I’m not working so I can actully take it. I booked the flights and here they are

Flight 874 from LGA to LAX departing on 9/11/02 at 06:15 AM - arriving 11:10 AM

Flight 709 from LAX to LGA departing on 9/11/02 at 10:15 PM - arriving 08:40 AM

I’m flying Spirit airlines

Jeez, I travel a lot and that is a killer itinerary I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. You’ll be all right on the 11th in LA, but after that red eye back, you’ll be dead from the neck up. I hope you don’t have to work on the 12th.

You can spend the day on Catalina Island where you can nap on the beach. You’ll find website info. about the boat transportation, etc. But check on the return time. Spending a night in L.A. would be more fun, IMHO. You must have gotten a hell of a deal on Spirit. I never heard of that airlines. You may get extra scrutiny for a one day turn around flight. Good luck!

Hope you have fun! :cool:

Your request leaves out the most crucial bit of info: Are you going to rent a car?

If so, you have many more choices and correspondingly more aggravations.

I work in Downtown, and if I had one day to visit L.A., that’s not where I would go.

I would stick to the beach areas since you need to be near the airport. Santa Monica would the most interesting place to visit that isn’t a long way from LAX.

Still unemployed. I may have a job starting in a few weeks and if I do, I’ll have to give up the trip. The flight is free so I’m not losing anything

Ahh I forgot to mention. Spirit made all their flights free on 9/11. So if I stay over night I have to pay for my flight back. Being unemployed I’d rather not spend that money. I figure I’ll just have to spend money on food, and buss’s along with admission fees anyplace else I go.

I don’t know if we will rent a car. I have to see if my friends back out and if they do who I can replace them with. We may not have enough money to rent a car for the day so we may have to stick to busses and other forms of mass transportation.

You can rent a bike at the beach and visit Venice Beach, too. There is a hostel in Santa Monica that is supposed to be reasonable and clean. Hope you get to take your trip!

if you are flying into LAX, you will have a ways to go to actually get to downtown la.
Santa Monica pier has some carnival like fun and a few blocks inland there is 3rd street. This has loads of bars/restaurants and such. Many people like this hang out area.
Also Venice is very fun and it is used in movies and such so that might be kinda fun to go and see the crazies there and the nice beach and then see it on a movie.
Also, about 10 minutes south of LAX (where I live) there is a little (1 sq mile) town called Hermosa Beach. This has some fun little shops and a row of bars in front of the pier.
Sorry if you are not a drinker.
Hermosa mysteriously gets international tourists that have told me it is talked about overseas.
Pretty cool little spot. Taxis can get you there, or if you find a bus going south on sepulveda (main street near lax) you can take that to hermosa and wander around.
Cheaper than a taxi would be.

Take the “Hell-A” tour.
Hop a bus at the airport for downtown. Make sure you get to the corner of 5th and San Pedro. Carry no change and your wallet in a zippered pocket. Next, head south down Fig. (passing the lovely campus of USC and the Collosiem) till you get to say, Manchester, then head west. Lots of fine dining in this area. (you’ll see what I mean) Keep going west till you get to the ocean. Plan to get there about sunset, or just as the bums are settling into there spots. Better start thinking about getting back to LAX about this time.

This should about cure you from ever wanting to come back! :smiley:

I guess if I had to administer serious advice, stick close to the water and check out Santa Monica, Venice, Redondo (real nice development going on there*). Thats about all you will have time to do with traffic and stuff. Cool areas and should have lots to see and its kinda fun. Lots of kooks, however, but thats part of the fun.

  • shameless plug for a buddy of mine who does that kind of stuff there

Nothing says L.A. in September than a trip to the beautiful San Fernando Valley. Smog so thick you can smear it on toast. Heat so intense that you don’t need a toaster.

Ahhh!! And maybe there will be brush fires too!!

(Spoken as a someone born in the Valley.)

Seriously, I did remember that September is usually very warm and sometimes uncomfortably so, if the Santa Anas are blowing.

If you stick to the beach communities, you will avoid this problem and keep your transportation costs down.

And if you’re running short of time, just flag down one of L.A.'s innummerable roving taxis. :slight_smile:

I live in Woodland Hills and I love the Valley! It really concentrates the mind to live in a place that is devoid of any culture, and therefore no distractions.

The SO says that is the place where people go to die. :slight_smile:

I’m off to visit my mother tomorrow out in the Valley.

But she’s at San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

BobTIf you’re not being flippant, then :(.

If you are being flippant, then :).

I can’t figure out which it is, so I’ll just cover all my bases.