Best pop culture quotes of the last few months?

What are some of the best quotes/one liners you’ve heard in movies, TV, or anywhere pop culture-related in the last few months (since, say, May)?

Pretty much anything from The Hangover:

I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Holocaust.
Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.

I don’t think I’ve picked up any new quotes since Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

“I’m gonna let you finish, but…”

You’re giving Kanye way to much credit for his enunciation there.

I believe it was more, “Imma let you finish…”

That’s definitely the most quoted line of recent months. The best is another story.

Sorry, I knew it wasn’t quite right I just couldn’t come up with the spelling. I kept repeating it aloud but couldn’t figure it. But you’re right, ‘Imma’ is definitely it!

Wouldn’t it be “I’ma”? The extra “m” makes it sound like it should rhyme with “swimma”.

Thank god all that “where’s DOUG?” stuff died down. Back around June, I heard complete strangers screaming it on the street, not to mention a ton of random facebook status updates. I didn’t see the movie until it came out on disc, and even then, it wasn’t funny.

“Stupid tiger” gets my vote. I say that every time I take a piss.

These are great, my wife and I have been saying the ‘Tigers love pepper…’ line since we saw it. I can’t think of anything that tops that.