Best. Remake. Ever!!!

I was inspired by the Worst Remake Ever thread to start this one.

Which remake is actually better than the original?

The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is Young Guns II.(Yeah, I know it’s not exactly the best movie ever made but I love it) The original was so-so. The photography wasn’t the best and the acting wasn’t that great. Young Guns II on the other hand had good to great acting, Estives rocked as Billy the Kid, beautifull photography, a good story line and a great sound track.

Any other remakes that were better than the original?


Wasn’t Young Guns II a sequel, rather than a remake?

I vote for the 80’s remake of The Blob.

Dunno about better, but the 1978 (I think) version of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers was an entirely different creature from the 1956 version; each movie did an interesting job reflecting totally different societal anxieties. I wrote a paper in college on these two :).

And I’m optimistic about Solaris – though I know almost nothing about the upcoming 2002 version, I doubt I’ll be trying to gnaw my arm off, as I did when I watched the 1972 version of the movie.



You are right. Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. If a mod wants to fix my title I’d appreciate it.

Slee::walking off smacking himself in the head, ‘remake, what was I thinking?’::

Despite my love of all things Rat Pack, the original Ocean’s 11 was vastly inferior to Stephen Soderbergh’s recent remake. I suppose Frank and his crew spent too much time boozing and womanizing to worry about turning out a great flick.



Mmmkay, so sequels? Back to the Future II and III (mostly III, IMHO).

The Empire Strikes Back.

Road Warrior.

The Empire Strikes Back.

Road Warrior.

Well, jeez, if you’re going to change the rules midstrem, I’ll put my vote in for Godfather II.

IIRC the Bogart version of Maltese Falcon was a better remake of an earlier film.

His Girl Friday was a terrific remake of The Front Page.

I think this topic has been discussed before. Perhaps someone will find the thread.

A previous thread on the topic of Sequels better than the original.

And I’ll throw one more out there: the 1959 Ben Hur is better than the 1925 version. I think there’s another one from even earlier (1910’s?), but I’ve never had the opportunity to catch that one.

I think the 1999 version of the Thomas Crown affair was MUCH better than the 1967 version.

Lord of the Rings

Without a doubt :

The thing

You know, I while agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with this one, I’m not even sure if we can legitimately say the earlier film versions actually were “The Lord of the Rings”! :wink: