Best repairman visit ever!

A loud knock on my door scared the hell out of me; nobody comes over to visit without warning.

It’s the maintenance man. And his friend!

There’s apparently a leak coming from my bathroom and causing a problem downstairs somewhere. I have no idea, as I’ve never been downstairs in this building. So they go check out my sink and shower. . . finally, they pull a board off the wall in my hallway, and when the shower is on, the water is somehow going back inside the faucet and leaking out and under my floor onto the downstairs ceiling.

So the maintenance man and his friend, (who happens to be the gas man,) say they’re going to fix it right now, as it’s apparently a huge problem. So here I sit. I asked how long it would take an hour ago. . . “oh, 'bout a half an hour. . .”

One of the guys is now on the phone with . . . someone else because he can’t get the faucets off. This is just like being at my parents’ house! It’s just like listening to my father fixing something around the house and cussing because it isn’t going right! Except I don’t have to go fetch any tools!

Best part about this? I can’t go to work without having a shower. I have no idea when they’re going to be finished, but. . . they STILL don’t have the faucets off, so it might be a while. So, no work today!


are you a lonely housewife?

WOOHOO! Nothing like a good excuse to slack off and not have to go to work!

I, unfortunately, don’t have any good repairmen stories. I do have a BAD repairman story - it was my former landlord. The man couldn’t be budged to do ANYTHING. We didn’t have a working stove for a month and a half because he was too lazy to come over and fix it. He already had the part he needed, in his apartment. Which, by the way, was across the street. Then there was the time he made us all find other accomodations for a weekend because he was “going to repair a few things, and needed the water turned off”. We agreed to that (on his bill), and found a hotel. When we came back on Sunday we found that not only had nothing been fixed, but he had emptied our fridge and had his WEDDING GUESTS stay over in one of the rooms (Which had belonged to his brother, who was dragging on his lease specifically for that weekend. Needless to say, we were quite pissed off and threatened to bring him to Tribunal, but he did pay us back for additional “damages” on his own, and we let it go at that. Though in retrospect, we should have sued him.


So at least you have a GOOD story! When those workmen leave, go take a nice, long, steaming hot shower :slight_smile:

Hell no. I’m a lonely college student. :smiley:

Actually, I was just in there watching them work. Turns out the gas man is a former Marine. Single, with no kids and one dog.

But, he’s kinda. . . old.


That’s exactly what I was thinking… Expecting a sordid tale involving a handsome plumber and his snake.

But they don’t call him the gas man for nothin’. I hear he always blames it on the dog.


I had a GREAT repairman visit a week ago.

He WAS late - but called to tell me that he was running behind. He fixed my dryer (replaced three parts) in less than half an hour. Nice guy, too.
A couple of months ago, we had a tiny electrical “fire” in our bathroom. (I caught a funny smell while drying my hair … WAITAMINUTE That’s NOT burning hair!!! So I run naked into the kitchen to get the fire extinguisher. My husband turns off the switch. :stuck_out_tongue: )The wiring behind one of our sconces burned out, and the guy was done in 20 minutes. (We rent - that 's why we had him call an electrician as opposed to checking it ourselves.)

Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a BAD repairman visit. I’ve had really shitty reasons for CALLING them, but they’ve always been nice guys.

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This is actually a “bad repairguy” story. I was moving into a townhouse at one time, and after it got dark, decided to turn on the porch light. The bulb blew then burst into flames. :eek:

Next day, I called the repair guy, who said he’d fix it.

Several days passed, but no new porch light. I called the guy again, and he says, “Oh, I fixed that one yesterday.”


I told him he was obviously mistaken since the charred remains of the fixture, bulb and surrounding wood were still attached to the wall.

He never did repair the thing. :rolleyes: Luckily, I got out of my lease soon afterwards.

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