Best Review of a Toilet, ever

From the Thursday New York Times - a review of a $6400 toilet.
Just one small piece

Yes, it plays music. Yes, it has a remote control. Yes it glows in the dark.
And best of all - I write a column once on how you have to reboot everything these days, inspired by a guy coming to a hotel room I was in to reboot the TV. I discovered a colleague who had a picture frame that she often had to reboot. I thought that this was the ultimate, but I was wrong. Yes, the reviewer had to reboot his toilet.

64 hundred bucks and you still have to clean the bastard.

6400 bucks? You have the help clean the toilet.

For that price, Sunspace, you’d expect it to clean itself.

For that price, I would expect it to clean myself.

“… it can wash and dry its user (there are modes for women and men). Both functions are accomplished via a wand that extends from under the seat that can spray water or blow air. Pressure and temperature are adjustable, as is the spray pattern, which can go from a steady blast to an oscillating pattern that can only be described as invigorating.”

I’d say your expectations have been met, Paul in Qatar

For that price, I’d expect it to clean my entire house.

For $6400, I don’t even want it to be a toilet. I want a Star Trek-style transporter that simply beams the pee and crap right out of my bladder and bowels, sending them directly into the sewer system, and all I have to do to make it happen is yell out “Make it so, Number One/Number Two” as my needs dictate.

Price aside, I’m not sure I really even want an invigorated bunghole.

Have you guys seen the commercial for this thing? It was one of those “watch one long commercial or we’ll interrupt your Daily Show a few times” things on Hulu. I about died laughing - it took ages for me to figure out what on earth the cube was, and then, I mean… well, look at it. Forget the toilet, let’s buy curtains for the bathroom first, shall we?

I laughed so hard I closed my eyes. Good one!

I’d be afraid of dropping the remote into the thing. But if the remote doubled as a phone/camera/e-mail/calculator device, that would be pretty cool.

For that much, it should clean the whole room.

There are some things that shouldn’t have a remote. A toilet is one of those things. I can just see the shenanigans if I were going to the bathroom and my husband could control the toilet by remote, or worse if you’ve got two kids and one of them gets the remote while the other is going. :eek:

And what if the batteries, er, crap out at an inopportune time?

Shoudn’t there be an app for that?

Bwahaha … No! The owners of those deluxe toilets will be using them in the their glass homes atop the city. I find great amusement in the ad. :smiley:

There’s a crap for that!

It is wired into the house electrical, which begs the question about power outages, and the issue that computer systems have with unfiltered power from cheap generators :dubious:

At least with my generic kohler I can dump in a bucket of water to flush …

“Gaze upon my glorious morning shit and despair, peons!”