Best Rock Instrumentals

Here’s a few of my favorites.

What are yours?

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Idlewild South) Allman Brothers

Jessica (Brothers and Sisters) Allman Brothers

Little Martha (Eat a Peach) Allman Brothers

Bourée (Stand Up) Jethro Tull

Black Mountain Side (Led Zeppelin) Led Zeppelin

Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin II and The Song Remains the Same and How the West Was Won) Led Zeppelin

Any Colour You Like (The Dark Side of the Moon) Pink Floyd

On the Run (The Dark Side of the Moon) Pink Floyd

Sirius (Eye in the Sky) The Alan Parsons Project

Pipeline (Gold) Ventures

Wipeout (Gold) Ventures

Walk Don’t Run (Walk Don’t Run) Ventures

“Space Invader” by Pretenders

Whammer Jammer – J. Geils Band
Out-Bloody-Rageous, Facelift, and Slightly All the Time – Soft Machine
Cobwebs and Strange, Overture (from Tommy) and Underture – The Who
Glad – Traffic
Atom Heart Mother and A Saucerful of Secrets – Pink Floyd
Jazz (Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold), Music for the Head Ballet and Doctor Jazz by The Bonzo Dog Band

Holy shit, Roundabout by Yes. Good goddamn, it’s just amazing.



Now, I love Roundabout…but it does kinda have some vocals. :wink:

Some of my favorites:

Fire On High, Electric Light Orchestra
Cinema, Yes
Child’s Anthem, Toto
Telstar, the Tornados
God Save the Queen, Queen

Frankenstein by the Edgar Winter Group.

No list would be complete without the majesty that is Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein.

Edit: Dang you, bmaok! Dang you to heck! Well, at least I put the YouTube link. :cool:

[Insert name of Jeff Beck song here]

Cliff Burton at his finest (Metallica)

YYZ- Rush

Rory Gallagher - unmilitary two step

Damn people. Did they stop making good rock instrumentals after like 1982?

Yes, I believe so.

Best Rock Instrumentals must include the rather short but definative Eruption by Van Halen.

Please post post-'82 rock instrumental song titles. Is it that hard to figure out?

The end of “Runnin’ Down a Dream.” (ignore the words before it starts)

“Funk 49” by The James Gang (or Joe Walsh alone)
“Glad” by Traffic. Not exactly a rock song, but still…
“Blue’s Theme” by The Arrows
“Hocus Pocus” by Focus
“Walk Don’t Run” by The Ventures

btw, “Wipeout” is by The Surfaris, not The Ventures.

With regard to the Ventures, while they did have the classic “Walk Don’t Run” and a scattering of other good originals, they are mostly known for having covered virtually every surf rock intrumental ever recorded (as well as an enormous number of pop hits). The credit for “Pipeline” should go to the Chantays (1962), and the Surfaris were the first and best with “Wipeout”.

Classic surf rock era instrumental greats include “Mr. Moto” (The Belairs), “Baja” (The Astronauts), “Apache” (Jorgen Ingmann) and possibly the best of all, “Out Of Limits” (by The Marketts), a recording I find almost impossible to listen to without conjuring up images of '60s go-go girls.

Modern surf rock has continued to be a gold mine of great instrumentals. To name a few: "San Diego Shutdown (Los Straitjackets), “La Planche” (The Vanduras), “Look! No Head!” (Laika and the Cosmonauts), “Unto The Resplendent” (The Mermen) and “Tube Screamer” (The Atlantics).

Maggot Brain-- Funkadelic
Miserlou-- Dick Dale

There’s a whole genre of modern instrumental music, known as post-rock, except by the bands themselves, who all hate the name.

My picks:

Explosions in the Sky

None of them have proper videos, but since YouTube seems to be the chosen medium here, that’s what you get.

I love surf instrumentals and much of the the classic rock stuff that’s been mentioned in this thread, but no, instrumental music did not end in 1982, unless your musical taste ended in 1982.