Best Route - St. Louis to Houston

Mapquest routes me from St. Louis to Tulsa to Dallas to Houston, which seems a little out of the way to me. Is that the best route?

I plugged it in on Autopilot, and it turned out to be about 30 miles less. Didn’t mention anything about Tulsa or Dallas, instead going thru Little Rock and Texarkana. Since it probably uses more US Highways instead of Interstates, it shaves some distance, but the time could actually be higher.

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      • I have done the St. Louis to San Antonio drive a few times, and going through Oklahoma is definitely the faster way. I went south once and dipped into Arkansas and then went west, and the roads that way were smaller and busier. The toll roads through Oklahoma are pretty empty of cops or other cars outside of the entrances and exits, and there’s not much in between–all the other cars on the road were cruising at 85 MPH.

St. Louis to Little Rock. Little Rock to Texarkana (via I-30). Get on US 59 in Texarkana and go to Houston. If you’re hungry in Texarkana, get off the interstate at State Line Ave and head east to the Dixie Diner. They have terrific yeast rolls and Chicken Fried Steak and the best Lima beans you’ll ever eat.

Woo Hoo!!

That would match the “direct” route I was looking at.

Hwy 67 through MO & AR to Little Rock
I-30 to Texarkana
Hwy 59 to Houston

I don’t mind the 2 lane routes. Even though a little more dangerous, the payback is actaully getting to see things along the way and I tend to make frequent stops anyway…