Best security system for an apartment

My apartment was burglarized while I was gone for Christmas, which is shitty. This is the first home burglary that I’ve been victim too. I’ve had stuff stolen from my car before, but it feels different when they go inside your home.

So what kind of home security system can I get for the future in these events? They got in by breaking a window lock and pushing the window open.

I don’t think I want one of those monthly charges home security system. Maybe a one time purchase of $100-200 or so would be ideal. Something that gives off a loud alarm if someone opens a window or the front door.

Boobytraps. A chain gun triggered by a motion sensor.
Seriously, read this:

I’d like to get a camera. I think I’d only need one, but I would want one that can transmit video feed to a different location. A video camera where all the info is stored on an microSD card wouldn’t help me if they stole the camera.

A hidden camera would be nice too, so that people don’t even know a camera is there.

Cameras would not prevent anyone from stealing your stuff. But they sure do help when identifying perps as long as you put them at a good height for facial recognition and your insurance company may give you a decent discount for installing them.
Something that would raise a ruckus would do more for prevention. And insurance companies might give a discount on premiums for that, too.
If you can afford it, I would suggest both cam with remote access and noisy gadget…

I’m thinking of devices like thison the windows, as well as some kind of camera I can put in the living room so in case someone still gets in, then I will have video that will capture their faces. Combined that setup may only cost me $80 or so.

I’d recommend a Simplisafe kit without monitoring. You can get the basic stuff for around $200-$250 with motion detection.

ETA: I have Simplisafe with monitoring and it has been good so far.

These systems are available with alarms set off by motion (unless you punch in the security code within the delay period) and as mentioned, don’t require paying a monitoring fee.

There are IP security cameras that can be purchased for around $75, which upload motion detector-derived images to your e-mail - so you’re not out a whole lot of money if a stupid thief removes the camera under the impression that the images are stored in it.

A Schutzhund.

What you want is this —> Piper.

Get the basic camera with as many door/window sensors as you need. It has a camera that you can view remotely from your smartphone, it has a audible alarm, and it alerts you instantly (again on your smartphone) when there is an intrusion.

As a bonus feature, I use it to check in on my dogs when I’m away. :stuck_out_tongue:

No monthly fees at all, just data usage on your phone when you are streaming video.

Remington 870

If I’m not home that doesn’t do me any good.

Where can I find an affordable camera that will send the info to be saved on a hard drive somewhere? Granted, this is useless if they also steal my laptop so I’d probably have it streamed to some off site laptop. Maybe so I could store a week or two of video at a time.

A looped non-stop tape of people grunting in the dark, as in a pig-farm, with eerie music, set off by motion sensors, might deter visitors.

You could send the data straight to the cloud.
And I rarely advocate the cloud.

True but I think some have monthly fees. I will pay a monthly fee if I have to, but if I could get it for free or cheap (cheap being $10/month or less) I’d prefer that.

Get timers for the tv and some lamps for when you aren’t home. If it looks like someone may be in there, they will be less likely to try to break in. Probably the simplest and cheapest thing.