Best Selling Authors of the decade - UK Edition

Full top 100 here It looks pretty interesting, with the overwhelming dominance of children’s books and celebrity author’s. Weird to see that Enid Blyton is up there and encouraging to see the same of Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Wilson!

It appears that the Great British public have a thing for trashy novels, who knew? Y’know apart from anyone thats ever used the Tube…

I wonder how much the author makes from each book sold?

Author Volume sold ** Value
1 J K Rowling 29,084,999 29,084,999 £225.9m
2 Roger Hargreaves 14,163,141 £26.6m
3 Dan Brown 13,372,007 £74.1m
4 Jacqueline Wilson 12,673,148 £69.9m
5 Terry Pratchett 10,455,397 £77.2m
6 John Grisham 9,862,998 ** £65.9m
7 Richard Parsons ** 9,561,776
8 Danielle Steel ** 9,119,149
9 James Patterson 8,172,647 £53.8m
10 Enid Blyton 7,910,758 £31.2m

(Sorry couldn’t sort out the list, VBcode didn’t want to cooperate)

That is interesting. I guess it’s not so surprising about Blyton really, considering that she wrote the Noddy books as well as all the ones for older kids.

Interesting that very few of the top authors are dead, and one high-ranking author writes study guides. :smiley:

Weird that they included ‘Daisy Meadows’ when that name is a pseudonym for several writers doing one kids’ series. Surely they don’t count as one author just because they use one name?