Best shipper for international packages?

I have some small (smaller than a breadbox) packages to ship from the US to Peru and Argentina. Do any of you have any preferences among USPS, UPS, or FedEx? Are there other carriers I should consider? Experiences to share. Tips?

thanks in advance

I have shipped a number of items overseas.
I have found that DHL Express offers the best rates for overseas shipping. FedEx is good to major cities, but DHL is the best for shipping everywhere else.


I’ve only used USPS, and that only for books. You might look into their flatrate priority mail boxes:

Look into customs brokerage charges; the recipient may be charged big fees for UPS, FEDEX but not for USPS in certain situations.

My mother owned a Mailboxes, etc.-type business that I worked at. We found that DHL was the best for overseas shipping.

I recently had items shipped from Ireland to the US, and was AMAZED at how quickly and inexpensively DHL managed to deliver. I highly recommend them.

Can I break in tradition here? Most people always advice Fedex or DHL but I’ve found the good old postal service, in both countries, is usually better. Or at least no worse, and often much cheaper.

I suppose this could be different if the recipient country has a reputation for outright theft.

I use Servientrega for packages to several countries in South America including Peru. I don’t believe they cover Argentina.

Generally rates are MUCH lower than FedEx or DHL and it is much more reliable than the postal service to Colombia where I typically am sending stuff.

I ship a lot of packages overseas. I use USPS. No brokerage fees to deal with. Fill out the customs/postage label online, print it out, go to the post office and hand it all to the clerk; he scans the form, hands you a receipt, and you’re done. (note: you’ll stilll need an address label elsewhere on the package.)