Best simple photo editor for PC?

Things like photoshop are to expensive and way to complicated for me to use. I am looking for a free program similar to the app snapseed, but that you can use on your PC, to make simple edits to photos. Does anyone have any recommendations they have tried?

Irfanview. Free, tiny, efficient.

Second on Irfanview. Been using it for years.

Have you tried Google Photos? Crop and colour correction in your browser. And the price is right.

MS Photos is fine for most basic edits, what specifically do you want to do?

I love Highly recommend!

I’ll second Paint.Net. Does everything I normally need and is free.

Irfanview vote here.

A fourth vote for Irfanview here.

Did someone mention Irfanview already? Powerful, free (but Irfan takes donations if you want to send one) and easy to use.

My mother can use it. My mother. That woman who still believes that the best remote control is one that came out of your uterus, she knows how to use Irfanview to turn wrong-position pictures right-side-up and save them.

You owe me one (1) keyboard.

I use GIMP.

Gimp for me as well, but I’m going to check Irfanview now.

I’m the only one that uses PhotoScape? Also free and easy to use.

Well, I’m sort of in the vicinity these weeks, we could meet for coffee at a fnac and I repay you :slight_smile:

GIMP is good, but not simple, and grossly over featured for simple photo editing.

As someone else mentioned, you might try If you are working with GIMP, you are probably looking for more features than Irfanview provides.