Best software to record Skype calls?

I may take some music lessons by Skype. I need to record the lesson to review and study later. I assume recording Skype requires permission just like a phone call?

Can you recommend recording software that you’ve used or seen used? Any features I should look for?

Does the basic Skype software have any recording features?

If you’ve got two computers around, don’t pay for a Skype recording program. Just create two Skype accounts and log both in to the call and use Audacity (a free program) to record the speaker output of the computer you’re not using.

What OS? I use screenium for screen captures on the Mac. I’m not sure if it’ll record Skype, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t. I assume you want both audio and video?

Yes Audio and Video. Win 7.

I record tv shows with Cyberlink Power Director using a Firewire Analog/Digital convertor. I’m not sure if that software would recognize a broadband connection and record it. Power director is really designed to capture local devices like my guitar’s USB adapter or a plugged in mic. It might even capture my local web cam. But getting anything off the network is different. Especially since Skype is a local cam and a remote cam combined.

I was researching this and discovered Skype planned to discontinue the 3rd party Desktop API Dec 2013. Breaking all the 3rd party software. :smack: Thankfully customer outrage made them rethink for the moment.

For now recording software still works. A lot of people use Pamela to record. That may be what I get unless something better gets recommended.