Best song on Weird Al Yankovic's Even Worse

Al’s first “comeback” album. This album sold even better than In 3-D did, and his video for Fat won him his second grammy. The weird trend in parodies this time around was songs which were covers of older songs (Bad being the only exception).

This was also Al’s only real album which he didn’t tour to support. He was actually given the invitation by Michael Jackson himself to be the opening band for his 1988 Europe tour, which Al had to turn down because his script for UHF had just been greenlit by Orion. Was that the right or the wrong career move for him - discuss? Despite that, a good portion of Even Worse did show up on later tours, including an INCREDIBLE performance of You Make Me (which is getting my vote!) when I saw him 3 weeks ago.

I skip “Fat” when I listen to this album, but the song “Melanie” is a really great original pop tune.

It was a toss-up between “Melanie” and “Good Old Days”.

I really, really love “Melanie”, but “Good Old Days” is just so delightfully twisted that I voted for it instead.

The only two songs I’ve heard off this album are Fat and Lasagna. So, Fat.

Ah, never mind. Changed mind.

Exactly this. Except I resolved the toss-up in Melanie’s favor.

Though I have a bizarre affection for Twister.

This Song’s Just Six Words Long. Never has so much been said by so few words.

They’re all great, but *Lasagna *always makes me smile the most. It’s such a happy song!

I think this is the first Weird Al album I didn’t own a copy of, so I can’t comment too much. “Fat” was pretty good, though.

It is the first one that works as an album, rather than as a way to sell the singles.