Best Songs about the Future

The greatest song about the future would have to be Leonard Cohen’s The Future, a fist in the shape of a tune.

Another classic, my favorite early Fleetwood Mac song, is Bob Welch’s Future Games.

Not all future songs have such obvious titles, so there have to many others. What are your favorites?

Que Sera Sera

In the year 2525.

The “MacArthur Park” of future songs. :smiley:

Tom Paxton’s Whose Garden Was This?

Two very different songs with the same title:

Sparks: “In the Future”

We’ll need some vintage vino
So wash your feet and stamp away

David Byrne: “In the Future”

In the future, everyone but the wealthy will be very happy.
In the future, everyone but the wealthy will be very filthy.

The Humans Are Dead

Eighth Day, from the film Breaking Glass.


“This dreams in sight
Youve got to admit it
At this point in time that its clear
The future looks bright
On that train all graphite and glitter
Undersea by rail”

“Love In The Year 3000” by The B-52’s

Robots, bootybots, erotobots
Robots, bootybots, erotobots
Tentative tentacles are grabbing me
We’re making space love in zero gravity

Sounds good, count me in!

Yay, tentacles! Is this where the line starts?

My contribution is the Flaming Lips “All We Have is Now”

  • As logic stands you couldn’t meet a man
    Who’s from the future
    But logic broke as he appeared he spoke
    About the Future*

The video’s so crap, I gotta wear shades.

.905 by The Who

How could I have forgotten that? Great song, great album, and I just saw the Dan in concert a couple of weeks ago and they did this.

Speaking of the B-52s:

Rush’s “2112”

MC Frontalot’s “Secrets From the Future

Queen’s '39

Completely haunting melody. It took me a long time to realize that the song was about the future. It was definitely an :eek: moment that gave it so much more depth. A folk song about space travel.

And then the final, lamenting line, For my life still ahead, pity me

Just tragic.

You, too, freekalatte? Have you seen The Beast With a Billion Backs? Lots of tentacle goodness there, for us tentacle lovers.

I’m a terrible Doper, olives, I have it but haven’t watched it yet. (Please don’t have me banned!) Will watch it ASAP, okay? Can you ever forgive me?

And I have never heard that Queen song, but methinks I need a copy. Off to!

Came in to post that, should have guessed it would be mentioned within six replies :wink:

Also, in a similar vein but without the comedy:

“Citizens of Tomorrow” by Tokyo Police Club
See the ruins of the old world below
That’s what our ancestors left us.
Our robot masters will know
How to clean this mess up
And build a better world
For man and machine alike
For the boys and the girls
Who are slaves building spaceships at night
In the fluorescent light.
That’s 2009.

Damn. The first thing I thought of was The Future by Cohen. And there it is in the OP.

How 'bout Oh You Pretty Things?

I’ve always liked “2000 Man” by the Stones on Their Satanic Majesties Request.

“We’ll Make Great Pets,” Porno for Pyros