Best sports warm-up/pregame songs

What are the best songs to be played before a sporting event/during the pre-game warmups? Not DURING (so we don’t just list tracks from Jock Jams), there’s lots of songs that are sporting event staples. But only a handful of those are warm-up specialty songs. What just pumps you up as a player or fan? They can be sport/era specific.

Pump Up the Jam, Technotronic (old-school basketball)

Are You Ready For This?, 2 Unlimited

Misirlou, Dick Dale and the Del-tones

Lose Yourself, Eminem

Thunderstruck, AC/DC

Welcome to the Jungle, Guns ‘n’ Roses

Sandstorm, Darude

That Chicago Bulls Song, Sirius (which was made into the best player introduction EVER–often imitated)

Nice Guys Finish Last, Green Day (bit of a personal pick, my high school hockey team warmed up to this)

Mortal Kombat theme - KMFDM

Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana