Best story in Stephen King's Night Shift?

They did that in the movie, “Cat’s Eye”, along with Quitter’s Inc. and The General. Really well done, too. IMHO.

Strawberry Spring is my all-time favorite King story. Enormously atmospheric (literally!), and very true to the feel of the time and place (small New England liberal arts college in the '60s and early '70s). Until recently, I always assumed there was some supernatural goings on, but upon re-reading it, there are no eldrich goings-on of any kind, which makes the story that much more plausible - and hence, creepier.

The story takes place over many years, and towards the end the narrator begins to suspect that

he may in fact be the killer. Plus, it has one of King all-time best endings

[spoiler]My wife is crying in the other room. She thinks I was with another woman last night.

And, oh dear God, I think so, too.[/spoiler]

The Boogeyman was a great old-fashioned monster story. Children of the Corn was also great, too. I love the “creepy-little-town” motif. I hated Strawberry Spring…so boring! Sometimes they Come Back was great, nice and unsettling.

The Boogeyman is my favorite. There’s just something so desperately wrong with behaving the way the father in that story did that makes it so powerful.

The Last Rung on the Ladder is one of the few stories that has moved me to tears.

Been a long time since I have re-read it, but I am going to have to go with The Mangler. I loved the part where the detective tries ever so delicately to ask the girl about her virginity.

Jeez, there’s a lot of first-rate short stories in that book.

And not all pure horror; “Quitters, Inc.” and “Battleground” show King doesn’t need ghosts and goblins.

Sorry for the editorial comment, but to me these earlier short story collections highlight the younger, lean & hungry Stephen King vs. the older, bloated & self indulgent one.

My sister used to live with a guy who owned a commercial laundry, and I got a tour one day. It’s horrific enough even without the Ghost in the Machine.

It was close between *Children of the Corn *and Graveyard Shift, but the image of those soft, plump blind rats gathering in the dark is enough to give me a full body shudder, so that’s the one I went with.

I think of “The Mangler” often, so I have to go with that one. I mean, I think how on earth could you film that without it looking ridiculous, and you can’t. But it scared the hell out of me when I read it.

And you guys mention the rats one. Yep, that one touched me as well.

I need to find a copy to give to my 13 yo daughter. Thank you for this thread.

My little brother was two years old when I read The Boogeyman (I was fourteen) … and that shit fucked me up good.

I voted for *The Boogeyman *as well. That ending freaked me totally out.

I lent mine to my thirteen year old boy, and told him not to read The Boogeyman just before bed.

But I knew he would. :smiley:

Strawberry Spring was just so ethereal and so horrible- our worst nightmare, being a monster within.

What a good collection.