Best Sub Sandwich

Yeah, it’s hard to beat a po’ boy. I can’t resist an oyster po’ boy, though shrimp is good too. I keep meaning to make beef debris po’ boys, but I can’t cook a small enough amount for the two of us.

I’ve been reading the other thread and this and you said this and I thought "Why did I not think of Schlotzky’s? " I think I was thinking of cold sandwiches. :smack:

One opened near me and has a drive thru. <swoon> (Also their little pizzas are pretty awesome.)

Subway is (as another poster upthread said) the McDonalds of samwiches. I’ve tried also, Jimmy Johns, Whatwich, Potbelly, Firehouse and so on and so an scooby dooby dooby. Sandwiches. All are pretty ok.

Oh the bread at Schlotzky’s. Ohhhhhhh.

[COLOR=“black”]This has not been endorsed by Schlotzky’s unless they see it and want to give me food forever.[/COLOR]

Mr. Goodcents cuts their deli meats and cheeses right in front on you. Very good place to grab a sandwich.

Lenny’s and Jersey Mike’s are my favorite chains. I find Subway passable. San Antonio doesn’t have much in the way of mom & pop sandwich places.

I used to live in California and loved Togo’s, especially their tuna sub. I miss it. I also miss the banh mi’s from Lee’s Sandwiches. I visited a Lee’s outpost in Dallas and unfortunately it did not live up to the Silicon Valley Lee’s.

If we can include the muffaletta as a sub–then New Orleans (Central Grocery specifically) has the best sub in the world. I know the OP requested chains, but New Orleans muffalettas from any shop are the best.

Back to your chain discussions.

I like Subway but I’m kinda strange. Jimmy Johns I’m pretty meh on, haven’t been to Mr. Sub in a long time si I can’t speak to it, haven’t tried Jersey Mike’s. The best I’ve had was not at a chain - it’s from a place called Capri Deli on Rand Rd. in Palatine.

I got food poisoning from a Central Grocery muffaletta (actually a half muffaletta)–I don’t think they’re made fresh but rather pre-made and stored. Can anyone correct that notion? I did think the meat tasted slightly off but thought perhaps it was because I’d never had muffaletta before.

The only sandwich place that ranks higher than Togo’s in my personal experience was a deli place in downtown Sacramento, in the early 1980s. (Greenstreet’s, I think - vague Casablanca ambience.) Maybe it was just because I was young and usually hungry by lunchtime and all that bias, but I can still taste those sandwiches - fresh meat, tangy mayo, fragrant bread. Maybe part of it was that I was new to this big, fancy sandwich thing - just growing out of burgers, Taco Bell and meat-only sandwiches. But g’damn, they were good.

First place I ever saw enforce a no-smoking ban. Some VIP in a tailored suit (government, likely, could have even been a state congresscritter) had a huge lunch in front of him and when they wouldn’t give him an ashtray, he walked out on it.

We have a Jersey Mike’s here now…I think you all have convinced me to try it for lunch today!

I live in a fairly small town - not even in New Jersey - and we have 2 Subways, Penn Station, Jersey Mike’s, a local chain called Dave’s Cosmic Subs, and soon we’ll have Jimmy John’s. Not to mention all the pizza places, which we also have a glut of, which have subs too.

I don’t know which I like best. Even though I love sandwiches, I’ve never been much of a sub girl.

I’ve plugged Meconi’s here in Olympia more than enough times already, so I’ll throw a bone to another local sandwich - “the Jake”, a hot grinder served up at a family pizzeria with the somewhat off-putting name of “Dirty Dave’s Gay '90s”. (It was founded in a simpler time.) It’s ham, salami, and a thick slice of ham, on a roll with mustard and mayo smeared on one side and “gay '90s sauce” (the house’s special Caesar vinaigrette, basically), then topped with pizza cheese, heated in the pizza oven, and finished with fresh veggies. A little heavy on the lettuce for my liking, but it’s the best hot sandwich you can get around here these days. (We used to have a place called Puccini’s that made amazing Philly cheesesteaks and grilled Italian subs, but the location wasn’t very good and food quality gradually got worse and worse until eventually they went out of business.)

Dirty Dave’s also introduced cashews as a pizza topping, which a lot of other local pizzerias now offer as an option as well, though that’s a topic for another thread.

Lost Dog Cafe, a small chain with a dog theme in Northern Virginia. Five locations, plus the Stray Cat Cafe (basically the same menu with a cat theme) in the same block as the original. Lost Dog recently added a garlic infused chicken breast sub called Bow Wow that I really like.

The deli at Harris Teeter has surprisingly good subs but I prefer their paninis, which are huge. I used to work within walking distance of the one location that I know has the paninis: Jeff Davis & Glebe. I’d get one at lunchtime, eat half, and save the other half for dinner. Sometimes I couldn’t even eat half and only eat a quarter. Hell of a deal for six bucks!

Jersey Mike’s is my favorite. Togos makes a good Pastrami Ruben.


I hate, hate, HATE Quiznos.

I haven’t tired Firehouse. From the pictures, it looks…well it looks like there is too much bun.

Spud, what city/state are you in? There are a number of small local shops in Pittsburgh and the outlying areas where I’ve gotten some great subs.

The only one on your list that I’ve tried is Subway. I like their chicken Teriyaki and spicy Italian subs, the rest I can take or leave. I’ve been meaning to check out Jimmy John’s and Firehouse, but neither is very close to me and I’m reluctant to drive 45 minutes or more for lunchmeat on a bun.

Quiznos is okay. They have more of a variety of subs and more ingredients than Subway but their roast beef is sometimes fatty. When it’s good it’s really good, but when I wind up with half a sandwich of chewy, rubbery fat I wish I’d gone elsewhere. So nowdays I usually do.

Domino’s Pizza used to have really, really good Italian subs. Yeah, same as I can make at home, but every aspect of it was perfectly done. The meat was tasty and sliced just the right thickness. The bread was not too soft, not too firm, and toasted with a little bit of garlic butter. They had just the right amount of dressing, etc. But it’s been close to 20 years since I’ve been there.

I grew up in hoagie-land. In fact, when we went to Atlantic City my father had to tell me that they called them subs down there. We used to get wonderful hoagies at a small deli down a couple blocks away. Twenty five years ago, there was a truck selling wonderful hoagies in the middle of the Drexel campus (on Woodland Ave, between Chestnut and Market). But maybe the best hoagie I ever had was at place called Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ. Imagine that, in NJ.

Oh, there are some good local places around here, but I’m guessing that half of the people who read these boards aren’t from central Indiana or planning a vacation here soon (who knows… may even be more than half :smiley: ). I can read about a great local place in Washington state, but chances are good I’ll never get a chance to try it. That is why I decided to stick to chains.

Jersey Mike’s surprised me it was so , (too good). Italian sub

My favorite sub I ever ate was in Ocean NJ at an Italian restaurant I can not remember what street it was on but a Quick Check was right on the corner Red lobster was pretty close by. another Italian sub

Publix subs are also good , I get the ultimate with provolone cheese . It doesn’t matter what Publix location I’m at I’m always satisfied with their sub sandwiches’. Georgia locations

It’s this corner store on 10th St. In Long Island City, NY that made the best hot subs with mozzarella cheese when I was a kid . I had never had a hot sub before but Jesus I still remember them.

And…The worst sub I ever ate was some Deli on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ close to Bali’s same block Popeye’s and the barber shop is on the people where nice but (food)yuck.

I’m partial to the Capastrami or the Bobbie from Capriotti’s, but everything is good there. Wawa makes good hoagies but if I’m getting gas station food I’ll go for the fried chicken at Royal Farms over a hoagie from Wawa every time.

I came in to mention Hoagie Haven. I’ve said in other threads that after leaving school, we’d go back just long enough to pick up a HH sub/hoagie/whatever, eat it on campus, and take the dinky back out of there!

I think Subway is the only one around here, and considering the other options usually are KFC, local pizza chain, and local fried chicken chain, I’ll take them.

I’ve tried Jimmy Johns, and didn’t like it, too bland. I’ve tried Quizno’s, but I’m not really a fan of toasted bread, and it is sometimes OK, sometimes not so much. I’ve also had Miami Subs. I would still prefer Subway.

In Puerto Rico, they have El Mesón, and I do like some of their sandwiches. I’m more partial to their breakfast options, but their sandwiches are awesome. I wish they’d expand here. :frowning:

Ah, yes. I remember it well. <wistful>

I like Jimmy John’s Gargantuan. Never been disappointed with it.

My favourite is Taylor Gourmet 9th Street Italian, because of the far far superior bread. Their Philly Steak is excellent as well (owners are from Philly, so it would have to be good or they could not show their face at home again).

I’ll slum with the occassional Subway Club. (Don’t you judge me! I love sandwiches…)