Best Survivor player ever? Best Tribe?

Yes, I’m a Survivor nerd. :smiley:

I think far and away, Brian from Survivor Thailand.

He excelled in individual reward and immunity challenges and carried his tribe to several big team challenge wins. Remember when he held his breath underwater to win his tribe immunity? Even Helen, who was angry at him for betraying her, admitted that he singlehandidly won most of their team challenges before voting for him.

Most of all, Brian was a mastermind who understood the game inside and out. He always called the shots, but without letting anyone know. What always screws wannabe leaders like Hunter and self-appointed masterminds like Jerri is that grown people don’t want strangers telling them what to do, even if they’re right. Plus most of them, like John the nurse and Rob the construction worker in Survivor Marquesas, get too power hungry and flaunt their power, which puts everyone on the defensive. Brian had no such ego problem. He didn’t need to let everyone know he was in control. In fact, he didn’t want them to know.

He stabbed people in the back when necessary and for this, he nearly lost to the much-hated Clay, but in the end he still won the million dollars.

Best Tribe? Kucha, from Survivor The Australian Outback. If Michael Scupin hadn’t burned himself, they would’ve easily picked off the Ogakor members and a Kucha member, probably Michael, would’ve won. That’s why it burns me so much that Tina won, basically because the best player on either tribe got hurt and Colby was so spiteful he was willing to throw a million bucks away.

I find it interesting how different tribes have viewed lying and deception on Survivor. Vecepia won Survivor Marquesas because Neleah’s former tribemates were so bitter at her for turning against them and Brian would’ve lost had he not picked someone as hated as Clay to join him in the final two, yet in Survivor The Amazon, Jenna, who acted spoiled and bitchy, won (by 6-1!) over Matthew, a kind, decent, hard working guy who often seemed to lack the guile necessary to cut it.

They were all hideously unlikeable and unwatchable.

I haven’t watched Survivor since the second version. As I am sure Fiver will agree, it just isn’t the same without Ms. Elisabeth Filarski (now Hasselbeck?).

On the first one didn’t Greg (I think that was his name) have a lot of contempt for the show and stop caring at some point? It’s been so long I can’t remember. That’s what I would do if I were on a reality show, just show how much I don’t like the current “reality” trend.

Elisabeth is the best though.

Elisabeth was one of the prettiest and most likeable, but she faired poorly in the challenges and wasn’t particularly adept at fishing, hunting or any other work. Her strengths were that she was sweet and didn’t get in anyone’s face. That was also her biggest weakness. No one wanted to be in the final two with her because the jury would almost surely vote her the winner.

It’s hard to argue against Colby (from the Australian Outback) or Rob (from the Amazon) as most powerful players in their respective contests, except for very different reasons.

I still have to go with Rich. I know many people argue that he had it easy, but really, he didn’t. He was the first. Everybody else has played with a twist on how he did it. Brian is definitely among the top three, as is Rob Cesternino, though I don’t know who I would put higher. Probably Brian, since he actually won. But don’t tell Rob I said that. :wink:

Fiver, I would very strongly argue against Colby as being a good player. Strong? Yes. But when he had the chance to win, he blew it. Nice person? Yes. Good player? No. Hell, I even gave him a Reality TV Hall of Shame Moment for his horrible decision at the end of the game.

Incidentally, it’s only been a couple minutes since I said I’d give the edge to Brian over Rob, above, and already I’m reconsidering. It’s a tough call.

Elisabeth Filarski was the only good thing I’ve ever seen on Survivor.

Does anyone know anything about how her shoe design thing is going?

Rob (that cunning bastard)


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Man when are they EVER going to come up with a Survivor: Reunion special? Like bringing back some of the most memorable players and having them do it all over again. I miss Richard Hatch :frowning:

Hatch, definitely. Without any precedent, he understood the importance of establishing alliances and he knew how to work them. In fact, the term “alliance” is used in place of all its many synonyms these days on every reality show simply because Rich used it then. He established that jurors would vote for the player who played best, even if that player was perceived as a snake. His background gave him his skills, and he used them with perfect precision.

raizok said:

Well, they probably won’t have a reunion special, but Survivor 8 is going to be an all-star edition (at least that’s what they’re calling it, but I bet they will have Jerri Manthey back, and I don’t consider her a star – so call it a “been there done that” edition). Rich has previously indicated he would be back, but there have been recent indications that he copped an attitude. I still think he’ll be back, though.

That said, there is no way he will win again. In fact, I don’t think there is any way any of the previous winners will win again. They will be the most obvious targets (well, other than Jerri). Then again, if they band together and perhaps ally with some of the other players who know that they will be targeted, they might find a way to survive. Not to win, mind you, but at least not to be the first ones voted out. It will definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out come January.

I have to disagree with you about Colby, David B, because it’s plain to all that Colby chose the outcome he wanted. No, he didn’t win, but he wanted Tina to win, and she did. That makes him a great player.

And he won four or five immunities in a row! Mental as well as physical challenges. That has to count for something.

I can’t opine much on Hatch, since I only saw the last couple episodes of S1. I will say that his end-game was absolutely brilliant. Nobody else would have thought of throwing that hands-on-idol contest at F3, and it won him the game.

Apart from Hatch, the obvious two contenders are Brian and Rob. I think Rob is probably the better player–he took full advantage of all the possibilities inherent in the game, breaking and making alliances without regard to anything but winning. That he didn’t win is simply a matter of bad luck at the F3 contest. His performance overall was masterful.

Brian was a damned good player, and I had a lot of fun cheering him on. But his success was more a function of a strategy that is unlikely to ever work again. Having that many secret individual alliances was almost bound to fail. That it didn’t is certainly to Brian’s credit, but I think he got a bit luckier than Rob.

I concur

Rich played the “game” the hardest. He connived and planned and played players against eachother. He fooled many throughout the game. He wasn’t all that great through the challenges but the old motto “think smart, not work hard” paid off.

I love how he got naked and didn’t care what the others thought. That took nerve! Since that show everyone wants to get naked on Survivor.

Ethan was the best player I saw (I watched all the series I am embarassed to say-- I am Burnett’s bitch at this point :frowning: ).

Rich was the luckiest player- he came real close to getting the boot several times. He wouldn’t have lasted longer with savvier players in later rounds.

Colby was the strongest player I ever saw- but none too bright. He let Tina sucker him, and was led to the slaughter with that stupid grin on his face. Idiot. He didn’t “let” Tina win, he was too stupid to figure out that Tina hadn’t annoyed anyone and had a few allies sewn up. So he threw away a sure thing against Keith (who was roundly disliked), because of Tina’s clever manipulation of him.

Rob was pretty good, but was caught out too many times, and was way too weak to be considered top tier. Too clever by a third comes to mind with him. Besides- he lost the game! You don’t get to be considered the best if you take the loser’s walk of shame. You were a loser. No one is considering the Buffalo Bill’s one of the great teams because they lost. Close don’t count. Hell he didn’t even make it to the final two.

Gotta go with Ethan. Rich set the standard by being the first, but Ethan won it without being a jerk. Strongest team? The Kucha team in the Outback seemed to be on a roll until Michael did his face-plant in the fire.

I don’t agree with you, Elf. I think Colby did understand the consequences of choosing Tina over Keith. There do exist people of honor for whom a promise or a pledge of loyalty means more than any amount of money. Colby was one of them.