Best Swimsuit design of the Century

Having just returned from Brazil, I have found there is one arena where Brazil leads-woman’s swimsuits. They have advanced the art to an unbelievable peak-the “fio dental” (dental floss) bikini is probably the smallest garment ever invented.
What’s your vote for ‘best swimsuit’ design of the century?

The “birthday suit.”


I think we can reach a compromise here:

[Sports Illustrated Photo deleted]

Hell is Other People.

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Oh my…

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Sorry, guys, I had to delete the photo. First, it indicated it was from Sports Illustrated and thus probably copyrighted. Second, it was huge, and we’d like to stay away from huge photos taking up space and time here.

Sake, if you have a link to point to where folks can find that photo, that is fine to post. Otherwise, they’ll just have to use their imaginations after seeing Tracer’s response.

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But David, the photo showed off her goodies! pout

Ahhhh, those were a good 18 minutes.

Hell is Other People.

tracer, this just proves my ongoing theory that David B is gay ;).

Hell is Other People.

They don’t call this “the Gay Nineties” for nothing.

(Or was that last century?)

What, we have room for five thousand creationist posts, but we don’t have room for a single picture of Rebecca Romijn naked?

Hey! Someone put up a freakin’ link to the photo, dammit!

We’re all different. Everyone is unique. Some people look better skinny-dipping. Others look better in a very big multi-layered padded single-piece suit. There’s no way to decide objectively who falls into which category.

Here’s a link for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit archive:

Those who specifically want to see Rebecca Romijn naked, can skip ahead to this link:

These links of course are only posted for those scholars who are conducted academic research in late 20th century fashion.

Hey! Rebecca’s not naked in that picture!

Look again, tracer.

And Little Nemo, we all appreciate your scholarly endeavors on our behalf on this important issue.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

How can I be expected to conduct serious academic research (in late 20th century style), with the kind of documents you’re offering, Nemo? This kind of shoddy research is very frustrating. Time for a shower.

What are you talking about, manny? There’s a “Swimsuit by Swim Fair ($60)” in the way!

Look closer. There’s a painting of a “Swimsuit by Swim Fair ($60)” in the way.

Boy, you guys disappoint me; I thought men’s “naked woman” radar was better than that. Even I could tell she was nekkid, and I have never had any terribly great desire to scope out women without their clothes.

Being as we’re all scholars here (and as a break from the various pre-millennium witnessing threads on the board) here’s a link to a site with the “dental floss” bikinis egkelly referred to in his OP.