Best text-based adventure games

I usually entered my correct age when I played that game. I didn’t always enter the correct restroom, though. I “liked to go both ways (wink wink nudge nudge).”

I hated the catacombs.

So then you never got to play lewd mode until you were 18, eh?

And the catacombs sucked, I agree. Especially since you actually had to plan out when to “clap, hop, and kweepa” because you didn’t have enough turns with the torch to just do them willy nilly. You actually had to plan the entire series of actions out ahead of time.

I was over 18 when I bought the game. So I was able to play tame, suggestive, and lewd right when I opened it.

I am absolutely no good at mazes of any sort, let alone mazes where I have to perform actions at certain times. And Infocom, damn their twisty little hearts filled with passages that all look the same, seemed to always include a maze in their games.

Yeah, and there was always a twist to them.

The maze in Zork was hard to map while the thief was still around because he’d move anything you dropped. The maze in LGoP had a map included in the packaging, but the annoying actions (which were also put in as a form of copy protection) made it difficult.

And, FTR, I was one of those who lied about his age when going into lewd mode.