Best things to sop up with breakfast sausage

What other food on your plate do you love to get all over your breakfast sausage? I like pancake syrup or egg yolk. Any other sausage/syrup or sausage/yolk lovers? Do you have another combo you prefer?



But seriously, I like sausage, but not the breakfast kind usually. Bacon is always good. I guess egg would be the answer, as I rarely eat that kind of stuff together with pancakes/waffles in the same meal.

Sausage and syrup go well together. If I don’t eat pancakes, egg yolk isn’t bad.

Some of us like to mix egg yolk, maple syrup and dip sausage or bacon into it, then finish up with toast bits …

The full on eggs, pancakes, bacon and toast breakfast is something we do maybe 3 or 4 times a year, usually while on vacation somewhere so someone else gets to make it and clean up afterwards =)

Hey, if you WANT a bacon poll, post one. This one is strictly centered on sausage. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not something we do all the time, only on Saturdays when I get up early enough and there’s not something else going on.

Dishes, though…man, if you don’t get that egg yolk off RIGHT NOW, it’s such a pain. Don’t hurry through breakfast and just stack dishes so you can go do whatever!

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Such fine distinctions :dubious:

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No gravy option :eek:

Gravy, jelly, syrup, butter, egg yolks, ketchup, salsa - basically any liquid breakfast-y substance (except maybe coffee).

Aaand now I’m hungry.

No matter HOW hungry you are, don’t microwave frozen sausages. It’s never worth it.

Maple syrup.

But I rarely eat pancakes, so the usual sopping liquid is egg yolks.

More breakfast sausage.

Personally, I’m more of an egg yolk over hash browns kinda guy.

I’m a vegetarian. I love veggie sausage eaten with fried cheese ravioli. I fried some togewther when I had the cast on my arm, the electricity went off so I couldn’t use the microwave, and was afraid to use my gas oven, so I fried them up together. It’s good.

No “the blood of my vanquished enemy” option?

I am equally horrified.

If I’m going to have to top the sausage, white gravy is the best option. After that maybe syrup, but that takes a rather spicy sausage for the sweetness not to overpower it.

I’m just now getting to the point where I can stand runny yolks, and that has to be mixed with a starch, like bread or gravy. My eggs are normally cooked through.

To me, sausage is something you sop up with something else.

Those little greasy sausage bits & egg yolk need sopping up. With grits or hash browns or biscuits.