Best Time to List an Item on Ebay?

Have some old video games that i want to sell. I read that for selling anything on ebay, its best to list an item like between 7pm-9pm eastern time as ppl who bid on things would most likely make last minute purchases around that time right? I also read that tuesday/wednesday are the best as well?
I have read that if you list something say 3am in the morning say eastern usa time, thats horrible because very few ppl will bid on it that late. That is true or false?
Also most of the time its 7 day listing right? Thus if you list it at 7pm on say tuesday. Then the auction end on 7pm the following tuesday?
I assume no matter what item you are selling, it should be similar day and time ending right?

While there may be factual answers to all your questions, most of the answers will be opinions. Moved from General Questions to IMHO.

samclem, moderator

I have heard that Sunday afternoons are ideal. It gives people all week plus most of the weekend to see your listing, and then people are home and online when it ends, so they get into sniping wars.

There is a large increase in online impulse buying on Sunday evenings. Sorry, no cite, except to say that the people at Twitter came into my work to give us a talk and that’s when lots of online shopping brands choose to peak their Twitter activity.