Best used motorcycles for under $2500

I finally sold my truck (on eBay) to some hippies from Colorado. This has freed up the cash that I needed to buy the motorcycle I have wanted for the past 2 years. I was originally dead set on getting a Honda CB750. Then recently I’ve been also considering a 1984-86 CB700SC (Nighthawk.) I want a standard-style motorcyle. The cost of a sportbike (with insurance) is too high, and I do not like the style of a light cruiser. I’m not entirely familiar with the Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki entries in the “UJM” market. I would like to know, though. What bikes equivalent in style to the Honda CB series would be good purchases?

I’ve actually been looking at the FZ6 by Yamaha for quite a while (I just haven’t got the cash to actually spring for one just yet). The comparable Yamaha for what you’re looking for would either be the FZ6 or its older brother the Fazer 600 or Fazer 1000. I don’t know that Yamaha makes a standard 750 though and the newer FZ6 is probably out of the $2500 range. Hopefully Johnny L.A. will be in here soon enough though.

I’m just curious, excuse the highjack etc. - what makes you say they were hippies? How did you know?

Well, they identified themselves as hippies. Two guys, one of them an older Vietnam vet and a younger guy with a bandanna, both of them with very long hair, and a shaggy dog that traveled with them. They indicated that they lived on a commune in Colorado. They joked about other peoples’ reactions to “hippies like them.” They were hippies straight out of central casting. (Meeting them made my day.)