Best Wart Removal Methods

I have a rather big wart on the outside of my left hand (in the fleshy part below the pinky on the outside of the hand).

I’ve tried Compound W and the freezing stuff, but this thing is so deep, it doesn’t seem to do anything to it.

Does anyone have any other ways that have proven a good removal method?

I have never used this, but I’ve heard covering it with duct tape works. You might want to google how long to leave the tape on.

Liquid nitrogen. Only way I’ve ever absolutely gotten rid of the things.

My husband had a really huge one on his face right next to his eye (eww) which the local dermatologist wanted to take off with a scalpel, since it was too close to freeze off.

We asked his sister, who’s a GP, and she said that the newest theory on warts is that it indicates a slack immune system, and that if you pick and scratch and irritate a wart at least daily (preferably every hour or so), your immune system will “notice” that spot due to the trauma and start to do its job.

He tried it, and the thing was gone in 2 weeks.

What’s fun is that all the other warts he had on other places started shrinking also, even without him messing with them.

He doesn’t have any now.

I’ve always found that a 100 megawatt pulsed Nd:YAG does the trick.:cool:

I can top that one.

My daughter sprouted several warts on each hand, about 8 years ago. At the same time, I sprouted a wart under the edge of a fingernail.

I took her to the pediatrician’s office to get the warts looked at since she’d gotten so many in such a short time.

They froze 3 of the 4 then stopped because she was getting uncomfortable.

All 4 went away. As did mine.

I had one when I was a kid, I used a nail clipper and dug it out. Not the best advice and it did hurt as well as bleed but it got rid of the wart too.

Sorry if this is a hijack but I’ve never been able to get a definitive answer on this: are warts contagious? If so, can they be contracted by touching one?

Wish it away, or as this article says, use self-hypnosis.

I’ve never had a wart on my hand, but I think the above is an interesting idea.

I’m not sure of your gender, but pregnancy worked for me. I developed several warts on my hands in my late teens, and nothing would get rid of them.
When I was 24, I got pregnant and within weeks of the positive pregnancy test, they all dried up and fell off. When I mentioned it to my OB, he casually remarked, “Yeah, I’ve heard of that happening. Weird, huh?”

I’ve heard of wishing away too. Didn’t work for me.

As a little kid I had a bunch on my knee. I picked the “mother” wart off my knee and the others disappeared. A few years later, a bunch sprung up on my hands. They were really stubborn and I went to the doctor to freeze them off.

The only method I’ve heard of besides freezing or salicylic acid involves toads, a silver spoon, rain water collected from an oak stump and a full moon.

Talk to a dermatologist, he’ll steer you in the right direction.

I had some in High School and went to the dermatologist and he tried freezing them. SEVERAL times! Never did anything… Used Compound W and bam, they were gone. Just this one is so deep…

Thanks for the ideas everybody!


Wikipedia on warts

Yes, they are contagious. They are caused by a virus. However, as contagious illnesses go, I think they are not terribly contagious, otherwise everybody would have lots of warts. I had one on my foot for a couple of years; during that time I never developed any other warts on my body, and my wife never developed any either, despite using the same shower and sharing plenty of body contact.

As far as getting rid of them:
I had my wart frozen a couple of times at the doc’s office, but it refused to die. Third time was to a different doc. He used a disposable blade to shave the area down really, really thin (he stopped when he finally drew a smidge of blood), then suggested Compound-W. I applied it every evening after a shower, then covered with a band-aid, leaving it on until the next night’s shower. Did this for a week, and finally this past Saturday I was able to peel off a thick patch of skin that included the wart. There was new skin underneath, so no blood, no pain.

I never had much success with Compound W when I was a kid, but then I probably wasn’t doing it right. I’ll have to see what happens to that area over the next few months, but for the time being, it sure looks like it’s gone.

I had a wart on my hand when I was a teenager. I tried a lot of over the counter remedies to get rid of it, but none of them worked very well. The wart would always come back in the same spot. One day I was working with a cleaning solution of Lysol and Pine Sol mixed together. My hands were in this stuff for about two (2) hours. Later that same day I noticed the wart had turned white and was shrinking. It just fell off the next day, leaving a divot in my palm that filled in about a week or two later. I don’t know which of the Sols killed the wart, or if they needed to be combined, but I’ve never had another wart since.

Unfortunately, most jurisdictions frown on sacrificing virgins nowadays.

Seriously, I had a couple on the palm of my hand several years ago. I used the Compound W freezing stuff, and it worked pretty well. What really worked, though, was self surgery.

I do not recommend this, unless you enjoy cleaning up a lot of blood, and having your wife getting really pissed at you.

Try soaking the wart in warm water for about an hour until it gets all soft and fuzzy. Scrub it real good with a brush, dry it, and douse it in Compound W. Let it dry completely. If it hurts like a bitch, it’s working.

A big wart on the back of my hand fell off, never to return, when I did this to it thirty years ago.

This worked for me but it’s not for everyone.
I read that viruses are killed by heat. I decided the wart tissue was different than the surrounding tissue and relatively free of pain receptors or whatever. So I needed a way to heat the wart quickly, getting it as hot as possible before the surrounding tissue gets too painful. I settled on a magnifying glass and the sun. Focus the laser like pinpoint on the wart and hold it as long as you can bear. It helps to have a piece of wood or something to bite down on.
You’re not burning it off, you are heating it enough to kill the virus. Wait a couple days, it should be really sore and it will fall off.