Best way to capture text from a PC game?

I’m currently playing Exile III, a shareware game on my computer. It’s a rather complicated game and has extensive menus for listing scores of spells, potions, character attributes, etc… It would be very helpful if I could put all this information into lists that I could print out, but how?
Most of this information appears to be stored as data in the main .EXE file, rather than anything like a Windows Help file. The menus display the data in a way that suggests that it’s stored in file/form/field format, but I haven’t a clue how I could access it directly.
The only way I can copy the information as displayed is to do sceen captures- as pictures of text rather than text. This would be unimaginably tedious and cumbersome. I was thinking of seeing if I could dig it out of the EXE with a hex editor, but that sounds only marginally easier. Any other options?

This is the Table of Contents of a walk-through at It has lots of lists in it. If you’re worried about accidentally seeing something you don’t want to you can have a friend edit those parts out. It’s a great site.
Exile III: Ruined World is copyright Jeff Vogel and Spiderweb Software.


  1. Revision history
  2. Introduction
  3. The Basic Story
  4. Skills of Characters
  5. Traits of Characters
  6. Creating a Party
  7. The Status Menu
  8. Plague Hunters
  9. Artifact Quests ^UPDATED^
    10.Hard to Kill Monsters
    11.Mage Spells
    12.Priest Spells
    13.Alchemy and its Many Uses
    14.Magical Fields
    15.The Editor
    16.FAQ ^UPDATED^
    16.Repeat Warning!

Is this what you’re looking for?

Or just look for the info online. :smack:
Thanks everyone!

(although I’m curious how do you get info out of an EXE file?)