Best way to deal with a blister

I went running last week in bad shoes, and I’ve now got a blister on the instep of my right foot. It started small, but as I’ve continued running (not in those shoes, however), and been engaging in some other sports, it’s gotten to a fairly large size. I don’t want to stop my running regimin and wait for this thing to go away, so what’s the best way to keep it from getting bigger? Should I pop it? Tape it up?

I always hear that popping it risks infection, so if you do, use neosporin or something and wrap it up. Personally, it feels so much better when the pressure is gone.

Small, intact blisters that don’t cause discomfort usually need no treatment. The best protection against infection is a blister’s own skin. Larger or painful blisters that are intact should be drained without removing the skin. First clean the blister with rubbing alcohol or antibiotic soap and water. Then heat a straight pin or safety pin over a flame until the pin glows red, and allow it to cool before puncturing a small hole at the edge of the blister. Drain the fluid with gentle pressure, and then apply an antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin with polymyxin B (double antibiotic ointment) or bacitracin alone. Avoid ointments that contain neomycin because they are more likely to cause an allergic reaction. Finally, cover the blister with a bandage. Change the dressing daily.


As I have a skin disorder that makes it very easy to get blisters (see , Mine is manageable) I have found the best treatment to get rid of them is to pop them with a pin. Then I’ll throw a band-aid on it for the next couple of days. Let it breath when you can. I’ve never used an anti-biotic lotion, and never had an infection, but it sounds like that would of course be a good idea.

Pop the blister. For safety’s sake, take AcidKid’s advice and sterilize a needle before doing it (not necessary, but wise). Drain the fluid out. Disinfect it. Throw some moleskin on top, keeping it clean and letting it breathe during evenings. After a few days you’ll have the start of a callous, and after a week those shoes won’t bother you any more.