Best Way to dispose of old bullets?

During my spring cleaning I found about 2 pounds of old bullets in a closet. They are at least 6-15 years old (yeah, I need to get out and start shooting again). Some have turned green, some look OK. But I’d rather get rid of them and buy new than stand on the ranger with a misfire.

What’s the best way to get rid of them? I don’t want to just put them in the garbage because we have a transfer station and I don’t want the guy on the bulldozer to scrape over them and set them off.



(Bullets = 22 rimfires, 7.62 SKS rounds and some 30-06 rounds.)

Shoot 'em. I’ve shot WWII surplus 7.92mm with nary a misfire. Clean off the green ones first, though.

As long as they have been kept dry and oil free they should be good as gold.

Clean off the green (wire brush) and have a good time at the target range.

I have shot some that were 60 years old!

If you still want to get rid of them, I’m sure a police station would take them. You should call first, though.

I have turned in old bullets to the police station - they were happy to take them. No real explanation needed either - I said I found them in the place I moved in to and didn’t know what else to do with them.

Police stations and bomb squad (should your municipality have one) will be happy to take them off your hands (if you don’t want to shine 'em up and shoot 'em). Do call for an appointment first though.

My grandfather has a Radom and we fired over 100 ww2 rounds with no prob.

Shoot 'em