Best way to frame old paper and preserve it?

My son was working on remodeling a brownstone in Brooklyn and found this in a wall. He stuck it in his coat pocket and there it stayed until today, when he asked me if I could frame it (I’m the crafty sort).

It’s a program or advertisement or invitation or sumphin for the 1881 3rd annual excursion of the Harmonie Society in Beigen Park. Wiki tells me The Harmony Society were some kind of religious communists.

Anyway, I don’t think it’ll last another 129 years if I plop it in a cheap frame. What’s the best way for him to hang it on his wall?

Keep it out of the sunlight.

Wilbo523 is right - to be preserved a paper item should not be exposed to light. It should also never be touched by a bare hand. Wear light cotton gloves when handling this item.

But if he is hell bent, I would dry mount it to a piece of archival matteboard, then place it in the frame with spacers so the glass does not touch the paper. You can get archival supplies, and advice, from

And make sure he hangs it in a place out of direct sunlight.

Thanks for the link. Looks like right now, he can only afford to keep it in his pocket.

For now he can sandwich it between a couple of pieces of cotton bond archival paper (like a dissertation would be printed on-- easily available)-- NOT cardboard, and nowhere near newspaper, no tape-- and stick it in a dark drawer.