Best way to fund Trump's impeachment?

My wife and I are compiling our list of charities to which we’ll make donations before the end of the year or monthly contributions next year. At the top of our list of causes is getting Donald Trump out of office by any means necessary.

We already contribute to the ACLU and Common Cause.

What other organizations do you think would be most effective in bringing about the end the Trump presidency? Obviously, there’s no shortage of groups with that goal, but which ones, IYHO, are most likely to actually have some effect?


Give your money to charity.

At least it will have a chance of accomplishing something.

The only way he will be impeached is if the Dems have the majority in both houses. I suggest contributing to political campaigns most likely to effect that.

There’s no way he will be impeached by this congress. If the Democrats take over the House next year, there’s a chance he might be, but the Senate won’t get enough votes to convict.

The Republican majorities will stick with him, no matter what, since they believe he has a strong core of Republican voters who will vote them out if they try to get rid of him.

I don’t think Trump’s impeachment or lack thereof was ever due to lack of money…it is doubtful that donating to anyone or anything will contribute one iota to him getting impeached. It’s all a matter of political will and a snowballing effect.

Don’t waste your money. Find a good charity and donate to that.

I think at this time the best way is to think ‘nullify trump’, which I hope is a ideal some run on. And I hope that on another ‘level’, in that are we morally aware enough to not let the likes of Hitler, um Trump, take control of our society, and say NO to all his oppression and manipulation.

You really want to see a competent evil person replace an incompetent one?

Yep, except they only need the House to impeach. If you really, really want to do this, donate to folks running for House seats in contested districts. But you better have lots of money because if you don’t, it’s not going to make any difference.

If you want to donate money such that Trump is removed from office… forget it. Ain’t gonna happen unless there is something really, really bad (Nixon bad) in which case you won’t need to donate any money.

I think this is a good idea. As for not having a lot of money, if I donate $50 to the Cancer Society, it’s not because I expect my contribution to be the one that cures cancer, but to do my little part to help get to that goal.

And turning the house (and senate) blue is a good goal in and of itself, even if it doesn’t lead directly to impeachment.

I also think that most House races are funded well under your typical Senate race (which is state-wide), so smaller contributions can be more impactful per candidate.

Good point. I’ve always had an aversion to contributing to candidates other than my own representatives – I wouldn’t appreciate outsiders “meddling” in my local elections – but in the current circumstances I think I’m going to set aside that scruple. We’ve already contributed to several of the Dems in recent special elections. Desperate times…

If they end up losing control of Congress I doubt the Republicans are going to be quite as eager to stick with him.

:eek: We are already way, way past Nixon bad. Bordering on treason bad (if Russia as considered the ‘enemy’ it would be treason). IMHO of course.


Seriously, what’s your aversion to Trump? Social/Rights issues (gays, women, religion, abortion, etc), Science/climate issues &/or Financial/Tax issues? Do you think you issue(s) would improve w/ Pence, a politician w/ some competence, in office?

I fear that Pence would do the kind of damage that can’t be as easily undone as that currently being caused by the Orange Clown Circus.

You may be right. But showing the country and the world that we will accept such an evil buffoon as trump does it’s own kind of damage. If Pence is next, so be it. Just another evil man to take down.

What’s done is done. The work ahead is to contain the evil orange buffoon and keep him from causing more damage. No easy task, but he helps by stepping on his own dick much of the time. But Pence… that would be a competent evil. One far more dangerous, IMO.

Anybody considering supporting Tom Stayer’s effort to impeachment Trump?

I expect Pence to be evil on all the same issues as Trump is, if not more so on the intertwining of religion into government. On the other hand, I think he is far less likely to to alienate our allies, chum up with our enemies, and provoke a war with North Korea that might go nuclear.

Survival first, you know? If the world gets blown to smithereens, it’ll be up to the cockroaches to argue over whether or not a woman has the right to control her own body.