Best way to get sweat smell out of clothes?

I can’t get the sweat smell out of some of my t-shirts, even though I don’t really sweat in them that much. I thought at first it might be my deoderant, but it is only certain shirts that seem to hold on to the odor. I tried washing them with a cup of vinegar thrown in with the regular laundry detergent, but it didn’t do any good. Any other ideas or tricks?

A couple of people I know swear by putting the offensive clothing outside in the sun. I don’t know how long, but a few hours seems to do the trick.

I had good luck with game-worn hockey jerseys by washing them with baking soda.

Wet the pits, rub them like crazy with a lot of detergent powder or liquid (wear rubber gloves), and leave overnight before washing in the machine. Dry on a line outside. Repeat a few times if necessary.

Also wash with borax and don’t let them sit for a long time being stinky, rinse them out if you can’t wash within a day or so. If they are all cotton white t-shirts you can use bleach too but rinsing the deodorant out of the pits will keep them from yellowing and holding the odor in. If it is a polyester blend dont’ use any clorine bleach because it makes polyester yellow.

This addresses the stain more than the smell, but here’s what How to Clean Anything has to say.

This site has been invaluable to me. Worth bookmarking!

Thanks guys! Also, are all of these (except the bleach) safe to use on colors? They are all cotton t-shirts, if it matters…

And Snakescatlady, how much baking soda do you use?

There is also a type of Febreze Fabric Spray that is safe for clothing.

You can’t get much smellier than my 13yo son. I wash his clothes in a kind of Tide that contains Febreze.

There’s also a Febreze laundry additive–not the spray stuff, this is a liquid you add to the wash. I’ve only found it at KMart in my area, so if you have one near you, try there.

Success! The Tide with Febreeze worked wonderfully - all of my clothes smell nice and clean now :slight_smile:

Thanks you everyone for your suggestions!