Best way to ghost from two drives onto one??

I would like to make an exact duplicate of my primary home PC for the wife to have in the upstairs bedroom.

Primary PC PIII, Win 98, One 8.4G and one 30G drive. The 8.4 has the OS and the 30 is mostly data but it also has some installed software on it. The 8.4 has about 3G of stuff on it and the 30 has about 18.
I would like to migrate ALL the data from both drives to the wifes computer which has a 13G drive on it (otherwise identical machine). I’ll need to add an HD (I have another 13 handy).
Can I remove the 30 from the primary PC and plug in a 13 and ghost the data from the 8.4? Then how do I get the data from the 30 to the second 13?

Any tips would be very helpful. Don’t be afraid to go into too much detail as I’ve never attempted ghosting before and really don’t know how to do it.

My alternative to this whole scenario is to give her a fresh install, but that would take the whole weekend if I want to get the two machines the same.
BTW the primary PC has a DVD burner, if that helps. The wifes machine does not have a DVD ROM, but I do have a DVD ROM in the primary PC in addition to the DVD burner. Both machines have network cards in them too.


Just a thought…
another work-around would be to buy a large enough single HD for the wifes machine, like maybe an 80G drive. Would this make a difference in ease of migration?

Big time.

All of the following is may change depending on your version of Ghost. I’m used to Ghost Corp Ed 7 and 8, and have no experience with home versions.

When you Ghost a PC, it lets you ghost either the disk or the partition. Assuming that your main 8 gig and 30 gig are each partitioned in one partition each (a c: and a d: or e: drive?), I would ghost each partition seperatly to your DVD drive and use the spare DVD-ROM drive in your target PC to Ghost the images back on. The newer versions of Ghost will let you burn directly to a writer (if it is compatible, check the Symantec website for details), and will compress and span the image over the DVD-Rs. This makes for an easy operation with little fuss.

I don’t have time to write in any detail, but I hope I wrote enough to help you research it some more.

Yes the 8.4 and the 30 are seperae physical HDs and are one partition each.

Just thought of something else. Could I just use the back-up utility feature that came with the HP DVD burner and create a complete backup of the whole system and then insert the disks into the wifes machine with nothing installed on the HD? I’d just have to install the ‘extra’ DVD ROM on the wifes machine, or I could even move the HP DVD burner to the wifes machine temporarily.

Anon coward has it right… just ghost the partitions. Do one, but do not make it the whole (new) HD size, then ghost the next into the remaining space. Ghost does a good job at resizing partitions, so you shouldn’t have any trouble (you need, of course, at least as much empty space, as there is data to be copied.)