Best way to hide or password protect photos on a pc?

Tech is coming to do some work on cable/wireless tomorrow. Too many pics to transfer to USB, how can I hide or protect personal pics from a tech savvy stranger?

I would install TrueCrypt, make a Volume big enough to hold them all, and move them onto there.

Can’t install anything until cable connected. Any other ideas?

Burn them to a crapload of CDs?

Create a password protected archive. Won’t stop the determined or resourceful but the tech guy is probably neither. Be sure to delete the originals after you test the archive.

How, please?

What operating system do you have?


“Personal” pics, huh? :dubious:

That really doesn’t narrow it down enough.

I googled this, tested it, and it worked. A password protected folder. Thanks Marconi!

Sorry, Vista.

Start, Programs, Accessories, System tools, Backup

anybody who wants to chime in with fifteen other ways to find it, feel free.

Assuming a stock home windows installation; you may not be able to pw protect a file or archive. But, you can still create an archive, rename it, and bury it on the drive. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

Select the folder(s) and right-click. Choose Send To from the menu and select Compressed (Zip) Folder. Rename the folder to something like e8GWYGo3DWdDHW and bury it somewhere like C:\Windows wain_32\system mp. Create some subfolders if necessary. Delete the original files. Later, fish the file out, rename it to a .zip file and extract.

Couldn’t you simply stand behind the tech and talk to them while they do the install? I mean, what in the hell are these photos of, Area 51?

Porn. :rolleyes:

Unless your tastes in porn are very weird or illegal, I suspect the tech won’t be fazed by it.

Not going to assume this is what the OP is talking about but I’m thinking personal nudes would be a type of “porn” one wouldn’t want the tech checking out.

PS: Thanks for the info on TrueCrypt, ZenBeam!

Yup. Oddly enough, I refer to my guarded region as Area 51, so good call!

I do plan to stay in the room, but thanks to a pervy tech coworker who brags about accessing undefended files from driveways, I’m a little paranoid.

Sometimes kids and techs snoop where they shouldn’t.

I don’t think they need to know what a mom and a dad and another woman with a penis and a midget do to a donkey.

New Years Eve can present some unique problems. Let’s not compound them by bringing the kids in to it.:wink: