Best way to prepare for the Computer Science GRE?

Maybe this is more of an IMHO question, I’m not sure.

Here’s my situation. For the last two years of finishing my undergraduate degree in CS I gave very little thought to graduate school. Now that I’m done, I’m seeing the importance of getting a M.S. Most of the schools I’m looking at don’t require the GRE subject test, but it’s usually “recommended,” whatever that means. My top choice, UCLA, does require it. So I have to take it as well as the general test.

The latest date that I could take the test for Fall '04 admissions is December 13th.

How can I prepare for the test in that time? As a starving student, I sold most of my textbooks.

A quick search of online bookstores reveals that there are no in-print books on CS test preparation. Are there any other study guides that might be useful?

I have received mixed reviews on the various Schaum’s guides. If I go that route, which ones are most useful?

From my abortive experience on the CS GRE (I didn’t show up for it due to an unforeseen emergency), it looks to be like the best preparation for it is the BS. But you’ve already got that. :slight_smile:

IIRC, UCLA allows you to take the subject GRE in math instead, if you would prefer that.

I have found most Universities let you into their libraries without a hassle. I would go to the CS section and browse through the textbooks they have.

Like ccwaterback says, try your Uni’s library: and your local city library as well.


If it’s anything like the CS exit exam I took the questions will be all over the place, with the difficulty being such that someone who took intro courses in the various areas shouldn’t have too many problems (Assuming they remember the course material, that is.)


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The last time I ran thru sample questions, a surprising % of questions were from Theory. Over a third. Next came core programming and then OS.

Schaum’s Automata Theory is okay, but won’t cover all of Theory.

The most important thing to do: work problems. Reading is inferior to action.

I couldn’t agree more with that statement. When I really want to grasp a concept in a textbook, I write it down right after I read it. Then after reading a bit more, I go back to my writing and try to expand my original notes. From eyes, to head, to hand. Then do problems, from recall, to analysis, to hand.

So, what are the other words ending in GRE?

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Go through your notes, refresh your memory on different concepts. Go through your old assignments as well.