Best way to sell art

Due to a difference of taste in art with my so, a battle I’m losing, I find myself needing to sell a couple dozen Steve Kaufman canvases. Having never sold art before, and being leery of the notoriously large spreads of art dealers, I need your help: what’s the best way to go about this? I’m in Pittsburgh

I would recommend that you contact a local art museum, and have them recommend an auction service.

I’m a library volunteer, and that’s what we did recently when we got a large donation of (among other things) artwork. Whenever the items sell, the money will in this case go to the Friends of the Library.

This site seems to offer them for sale. Might be worth contacting.

On ebay sellers seem to be asking a few thousand each and but they are actually selling for a few hundred each. Not sure you’re going to make a killing on this particular artist. The dollars seem so small (for art) I’m not sure a dealer would really want to take these on.

For that matter, it’s also possible that the museum might want to buy your items. :cool:

Another Pittsburgher here – why not make a visit to the Warhol and maybe ask someone there for suggestions? Lord knows the average volunteer there probably knows a fair amount about pop-art and at least the general market. The one gallery/shop I knew and fully trusted closed a couple years back but I do talk to the owners now and then. PM me if you don’t get a suggestion you like and I can run a flag past them for suggestions.